Ventures FEEDBACK : As a low PL player, this is LITERALY unplayable (+ solution suggestion)

Content of the article: "Ventures FEEDBACK : As a low PL player, this is LITERALY unplayable (+ solution suggestion)"

OK, the title might be a little too much, but this is how I feel.

Context : PL28 Player since Dec19 (not playing much) , last SSD : n°2 of Plankerton.

When ventures released in July, I have to admit I was hyped as this was the first "gameplay" addition to the game since I started playing.

At first, I liked it, so as the concept to restart from scratch (to me). Having weapons only from the map and vending machines is imo a really good idea, because it lets you test some weapons you don't want to craft without knownig how do you "feel" with.

So I decided to gring all the way to ventures' level 30 (not PL) to get both the weapon and hero vouchers. (Stopped there because it was too difficult beyond, and because I don't plan on using superchargers before a while)

I started to face some difficulties when I reached around ventures' PL40. You may ask why ? Because of my advancement in the storyline. Yes, if you don't go far/fast in the story, you can't enjoy ventures. This is because a really unsignificant thing : my hero was level 35 so the shield and HP were limited. At that point, it's not a huge problem, you just have to avoid being damaged by ennemies.

But it gets even harder with ventures' PL70 or 80 (around 27 or 28 reward level) : in this case, I had 25k HP and 10k Shield, which is 2 to 3 times less than what I would have with a correctly leveled hero. To let you know what is really is, here's two exemples : a taker would simply one shot me, and 3 huskies would kill me in 3 hits each. I think you would agree that this is LITERALLY unplayable.

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So, here my really simple solution : if your hero PL is higher than your current ventures' PL, it does nothing; if your hero PL is lower than you current ventures' PL, it scales it at your ventures' PL. (If you have any suggestion to make it better, just leave it in the comments !).

TL;DR: Scale the hero level to current ventures' PL if the hero level is lower, because if no the HP/Shield are too low.

All this post is to make ventures more enjoyables for us, new StW players. Please be kind in the comments, I accept and like contradiction !

PS : If Epic could do the same scaling to traps schematics, it would be really great, because in high PL missions, I couldn't craft any traps and had to wait for the others to create the trap tunnels … yeah, not really great : (


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