Ventures Pass “Premium Tier” for $9.99

Just an idea. Could be used to draw players in, and because its a paid tier, it could also be used to fund more STW stuff.

Basically it multiplies all resources earned from normal Ventures progress by 2, adds season-exclusive cosmetics into the mix, and makes leveling up slightly easier by putting a 1.2x multiplier on ventures xp earned from missions (excluding alert ventures xp) with weekly challenges.

Levels that unlock cosmetics (Items that match current season):

  • Level 1: Freebooter (Rare outfit + Freebooter challenges + Freebooter Ken Leg. Hero) and
  • Level 3: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Dennis defending an ATLAS + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 5: Walloper (Uncommon harvesting tool + Leg. Walloper Schematic)
  • Level 7: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Keelhaul exploring some temple ruins + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 10: Crossbones (Rare outfit + Crossbones challenges + Crossbones Barret Leg. Hero)
  • Level 13: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Keelhaul fighting a Smasher in a temple ruin + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 15: Fishing Hook (Rare harvesting tool + Leg. Fishing Hook Schematic)
  • Level 17: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard taking a medkit, Keelhaul downing a chug jug + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 20: Banner (Octopus seen on the Ahoy! music track)
  • Level 23: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Keelhaul boarding a pirate ship + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 25: Steam Thrasher (Rare harvesting tool + Leg. Steam Thrasher Schematic)
  • Level 27: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Keelhaul messing with Clip and her weapons + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 30: Privateer Hype (Epic outfit + Privateer Hype challenges + Privateer Hype Leg. Hero)
  • Level 33: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard getting his ship boarded by husks + a hidden Venture Star on the nearest shore)
  • Level 35: The Baron (Epic harvesting tool + Leg. The Baron Schematic)
  • Level 37: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard, Keelhaul, Freebooter Ken, Crossbones Barret, and Sea Wolf Jonesy fighting the Storm on a pirate ship + hidden Venture Star on the nearest shore)
  • Level 40: Archaeolo-Jess (Legendary outfit + Archaeolo-Jess challenges + Archaeolo-Jess Hero)
  • Level 43: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and his pirate crew loading supplies onto their ship at a dock + hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 45: Corsair (Epic harvesting tool + Epic Corsair Schematic)
  • Level 47: Loading Screen (Zone screenshot of Blakebeard and Keelhaul waving goodbye to the Homebase crew + a hidden Venture Star)
  • Level 50: Keelhaul (Legendary outfit + Keelhaul challenges + Swashbuckler Keelhaul Leg. Hero) + Banner (Corsair)
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Weekly Challenge ideas:

  • Play with others X times (requires a PWO option on the Ventures map)
  • Flawlessly complete X missions (Mission objectives kept at 100% health)
  • Build X structures
  • Explore X ruins
  • Find the hidden Venture Star in the loading screen
  • Wack X trolls
  • Search X ammo boxes at Y location
  • Destroy and complete X anomalies
  • Clear a large or super encampment in 30 seconds or less

All of these weekly challenges should give enough XP to clear 1/2 of the player's current venture level.

Outfit-specific challenges:

  • Use Smoke Bomb X times as Freebooter (unlocks Freebooter Ken's backbling)
  • X melee eliminations as Freebooter (unlocks pirate hat style for Freebooter)
  • Consume X coconuts (unlocks Crossbones's backbling)
  • Eliminate X enemies with Anti-Material Charge as Crossbones (unlocks headband, eyepatch, and headband + eyepatch styles for Crossbones)
  • Absorb X damage with build pieces affected by B.A.S.E. (unlocks Privateer Hype's backbling)
  • X club eliminations as Privateer Hype (unlocks pirate hat style for Privateer Hype)
  • Harvest X materials with Anti-Material Charge (unlocks Archaeolo-Jess's back bling)
  • Fully reveal the map on X zones (unlocks hat style for Archaeolo-Jess)

Explanation for the next few: They only apply if Epic were to give a Keelhaul outfit unlockable styles, the same as they did for Blackheart in BR S8. The stages would be similar (stage 2 = slightly older than default, stage 3 = peg leg, slightly older than stage 2, stage 4 = skeleton w/torn clothing, stage 5 = haunted skeleton that glows) but would have the difference of unlocking all 4 glow colors at stage 5.

  • Fire X cannons as Keelhaul (unlocks stage 2 style)
  • X pistol eliminations as Keelhaul (unlocks stage 3 style)
  • X sword eliminations as Keelhaul (unlocks stage 4 style)
  • Eliminate an Epic Miniboss with only melee weapons and pistols as Keelhaul (unlocks stage 5 styles)
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Again, it's just an idea. I personally think that it'd be worth it, as not much new content actually has to be made (mostly just loading screens, banners, and one outfit's styles) and the return is funding, the possibility of more players who could buy the premium tier which means more funding, and so on and so forth.


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