VOD review summary 8: Monsterdface VOD reviewing Clix, Commandment and Edgey

Content of the article: "VOD review summary 8: Monsterdface VOD reviewing Clix, Commandment and Edgey"

The time is finally here. It's a trios VOD review from this season! This time it's Monsterdface VOD reviewing Clix, Commandment and Edgey. They're playing a custom scrim.





The video:

Number Tip Timestamp
1 If you get into a fight in the early game where there's still a lot of free area, try to pinch your opponents without hem knowing (Edgey saying: I'm gonna make some noise" to help Commandment get to them sneakily) 1:28
2 Don't be afraid to disengage from fights that you don't want to/ have to take 3:08
3 Don't take all the good loot from your teammates (Clix marks chugsplashes while he could've just switched his 2nd stack of mini's for them) 4:23
4 Use all rotational items like cars and choppas that are in the game to make earlygame rotates easier 5:44 , 6:19
5 If your team is getting contested for height, use your shockwaves or crashpads to hold them off (since you're on height you probably won't use them anyway) and keep height 18:24
6 Like Clix says, if you have spray weapons like an LMG or SMG on height keep using them, maybe you don't get kills but you'll atleast force people down so they won't take height 19:47
7 Have 1 or 2 people on your team drop down when you're running out of mats in zone 8/9 to kill the last team(s) 21:09
8 Ofcourse Clix is a top-tier pro and you can definetly see that from his aim and mechanics his comms are also pretty good but please for the love of God, don't tell your teammates you did more damage than you actually did Pretty much the entire endgame
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So that was it for another day, hopefully tomorrow there will be another VOD review by Monsterdface since there aren't any tournaments I can VOD review myself.


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