What a Save The World Premium Battle Pass would entail

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With the Ventures Pass (and the… unimpressed feedback it's rightfully garnered), I think this is a worthwhile topic to discuss.

First: PRICE

Like BR, the pass shouldn't be some mathematical total of what's in the pass. If BR's pass sold for the cost of every skin, emote, glider, harvesting tool, and contrail within it, it would be 20K Vbucks with ease. But, it's 950. Since BR has no method to earn VBucks, the Battle Pass is Epic's way of saying "How about 10$ per season of content?" which is a fair price for a base entry point into a regularly-updated game .

STW is a different beast because some players can earn VBucks, while others cannot. So setting a VBucks price tag on it would be seen as a mild inconvenience to some, but another price of admission for others. However, putting a monetary price tag on it will feel like a stiff middle finger to those who paid a high amount of money to play this game. And incorporating a new currency would just make the game more cumbersome than it already is.

My opinion: Given that each Season (if we tie it to Ventures) is about 72 days, and players can earn 50 Vbucks per day, raise the price over the BR Season Pass to around 2500 Vbucks, but treat it like In-store llamas where people who only earn VBucks can obtain it, too. This would make it acquireable by everyone in a season, but would reward regular play. And the sum would still encourage VBuck purchases, as it would lower the amount of "disposable" VBucks earned through regular play, so even some STW players would be tempted to buy additional VBucks (and by the looks of how many Summer Zoey/Peely/Fables I'm seeing, many STW players definitely spend money). The Season Pass itself would pay back maybe half of its value through completion.


Epic's not going to put the full effort into making 100 tiers of fresh content; that's a joke to Epic's boardroom, and not even a funny one. But there is potential for reusing assets that already exist.

The question is "what assets can be reused or repurposed?" Just a list off the top of my head:

  • Contrails can be used for hoverboard exhaust or as a small trail after hitting a jump pad
  • Every Outlander/Ninja/ Constructor that hasn't become a skin can become a skin
  • Skins can become applicable to Defenders in separate unlocks
  • STW has the benefit of persistent rewards good for all levels (PerkUp, Gold, Superchargers, Vouchers)
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And I think it should be noted that, like Battle Royale, nothing in the Battle Pass should provide a genuine competitive advantage over non-paying players. So things like Superchargers don't sit super-well with me being in the Pass (but perhaps they can be handed out at free tiers).

So let's work with that. In BR's Battle Pass, I think most of us can admit that there's about 30-ish good things (Skins, emotes, harvesting tools, and soundtracks) and 70 filler items (banners, emblems, VBucks, and unlockables split between multiple levels like the Brella or Fade's skin styles to pad the numbers) STW Battle Pass fillers could look close to:

  • 1500 VBucks (15 levels)
  • 9 Super Llamas (2x Super People, 2x Super Ranged, 2x Super Melee, 3x Troll Stash, 9 levels)
  • 500 Epic Flux (Split 100 per level, 5 levels)
  • 300 Legendary Flux (Split 50/100/150, 3 levels)
  • 2000 Rare PerkUp (400 per level, 5 levels)
  • 2000 Epic PerkUp (400 per level, 5 levels)
  • 2500 Legendary PerkUp (500 per level, 5 levels)
  • 5000 Reperk (1000 per level, 5 levels)
  • 9000 Gold (500 per level, 18 levels)

And the "meat" of the Battle Pass would be something like:

  • 2 Hero Recruitment Vouchers
  • 3 Weapon recruitment Vouchers
  • 4 Defender Skins (reused from current Defender/Survivor models, or borrow skins from BR)
  • 5 Harvesting Tools? (Honestly, they could turn some melee weapons into them, like the Fishing Hook, Mr Red, Pulverizer, etc.)
  • 6 Hero Skins Vouchers (Pretty much a voucher to turn one STW Hero into a skin. Maybe make it only apply to one specific rarity + hat/no hat option + back bling per voucher. Maybe split the use of the voucher so that each one has to be used on a specific season/ class)
  • 5 Hoverboard exhausts (using contrails. Maybe let them double up as "Marker spires", letting the Contrail float into the air whenever a player marks a storm chest or 'Loot', etc. It would look like a decorated version of the skybeams visible in Encampments missions)
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The other thought I would suggest would just be a "Legacy System" wherein a few levels (10-15) of the STW Season Pass would include a sample of BR's season pass content from past seasons. This would be a way to entice newer BR players who missed out on old content, but not just give them everything that they might be looking for, and it would give STW-exclusive players an opportunity to gain some BR content without forcing them to play BR.

An example of the Pass contents can be looked at below:

  1. 1 Hero Skin Voucher + Free Supercharger
  2. Legacy Choice: or
  3. 100 V-Bucks
  4. 1 Super People Llama
  5. 100 Epic Flux
  6. 400 Rare PerkUp
  7. 500 Gold
  8. 1 Defender Skin
  9. 100 V-Bucks
  10. Weapon Research Voucher + Free Supercharger
  11. 500 Legendary PerkUp
  12. 1 Super People Llama
  13. 1000 RePerk + Free Supercharger
  14. 500 Gold
  15. 100 V-Bucks
  16. 1 Hero Skin Voucher
  17. 1 Hero Recruitment Voucher
  18. 1 Troll Stash Llama + Free Supercharger
  19. 500 Gold
  20. Legacy Choice: or
  21. 500 Gold
  22. Harvesting Tool: Fishing Hook
  23. 100 V-Bucks
  24. 1 Hoverboard Exhaust Contrail
  25. 400 Rare PerkUp + Free Supercharger
  26. 500 Gold
  27. Legacy Choice: or
  28. 1 Super Melee Llama
  29. 500 Legendary PerkUp
  30. 500 Gold
  31. 1 Hero Skin Voucher + Free Supercharger
  32. 100 V-Bucks
  33. 100 Epic Flux
  34. 500 Gold
  35. 1 Defender Skin
  36. 1000 RePerk + Free Supercharger
  37. 1 Hoverboard Exhaust Contrail
  38. 400 Rare PerkUp
  39. 100 V-Bucks
  40. Legacy Choice: or
  41. 50 Legendary Flux
  42. 500 Gold
  43. 400 Epic PerkUp
  44. Harvesting Tool: Dual Crowbars (Mr. Reds)
  45. 100 V-Bucks
  46. 1 Hero Skin Voucher
  47. 1000 RePerk
  48. Weapon Research Voucher
  49. 500 Gold
  50. 400 Rare PerkUp + Free Hero Recruitment Voucher + Free Supercharger
  51. 1 Defender Skin
  52. 500 Legendary PerkUp
  53. 500 Gold
  54. 100 V-Bucks + Free Supercharger
  55. 100 Epic Flux
  56. 500 Gold
  57. 1 Hoverboard Exhaust Contrail
  58. 1 Troll Stash Llama
  59. 400 Epic PerkUp
  60. Harvesting Tool: Elegant Scythe
  61. 100 V-Bucks + Free Supercharger
  62. 1 Hoverboard Exhaust Contrail
  63. 1 Super Ranged Llama
  64. 500 Gold
  65. 100 Epic Flux
  66. 400 Rare PerkUp + Free Supercharger
  67. 1 Defender Skin
  68. 100 V-Bucks
  69. Weapon Research Voucher
  70. 1 Hero Skin Voucher
  71. 1 Super Melee Llama
  72. 500 Gold
  73. 100 V-Bucks + Free Supercharger
  74. 1000 RePerk
  75. 500 Legendary PerkUp
  76. 100 Legendary Flux + Free Supercharger
  77. 400 Epic PerkUp
  78. 1 Hero Recruitment Voucher
  79. 500 Gold
  80. Legacy Choice: or
  81. 100 Epic Flux
  82. 100 V-Bucks
  83. 400 Epic PerkUp + Free Supercharger
  84. 500 Gold
  85. 1 Troll Stash Llama
  86. 1000 RePerk
  87. 100 V-Bucks
  88. 1 Hoverboard Exhaust Contrail
  89. 1 Super People Llama
  90. Legacy Choice: or
  91. 100 V-Bucks
  92. 400 Epic PerkUp
  93. 500 Gold
  94. Harvesting Tool: Pulverizer
  95. Legacy Choice: or
  96. 500 Legendary PerkUp
  97. 150 Legendary Flux
  98. 100 V-Bucks
  99. 1 Hero Skin Voucher + Free Supercharger
  100. Legacy Choice: or + Free 3000 Gold + Free Supercharger


Honestly, the challenges could very easily be tied to regular gameplay plus mini/quick-challenges composed of smaller daily challenges (Like, play one mission as a Constructor or kill 50 husks with a shotgun). I really don't think this would need to be some grand change or map-based fetch quest.

Would you purchase a STW Season Pass like this? Would you change anything about it?


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