What is the Point of Superchargers?

Content of the article: "What is the Point of Superchargers?"

Why would you add a resource to a game that serves no purpose? We can complete any mission or event mode in the game using PL130 heroes, weapons and traps. With a group of four good players you probably only need PL106s. What purpose then do Superchargers serve?

I really would like a concrete answer from Epic other than it's something to collect. Adding the PL160 missions didn't make Superchargers relevant since you can jail build every defense mission with PL106 or lower traps depending on how many you want to use or trap them normally with PL130 traps and easily win.

You don't need them to complete any SSDs or Endurance or War Games. You don't need them to beat the Mythic Storm King. You don't need them to complete the main quest line or even the filler quests in Twine.

Leveling things for the sake of leveling them is pointless. Spending 50-100 hours in Ventures to acquire Superchargers that are not needed for any content in the game makes no sense. Doing 10 jail builds for 1 Supercharger every week is a waste of time.

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When are we going to need these Superchargers?

Will there be something new in the future that requires them? I don't mean PL180 missions or PL200 missions. I could care less about playing the same missions against more bullet spongey enemies for rewards that I don't need other than pointlessly leveling up the Collection Book for even less rewards I don't need or want.

If there is something new that will be impossible to complete without Superchargers tell us. Otherwise you will continue to bleed players because while the game is enjoyable with friends in spurts it's not worth playing it like a second job just to get a resource that serves no purpose. Where is the end game?

If we are treating this like Pokemon then I guess I'm just about finished. I have every weapon and trap and am only missing one hero because I took a 4 month break. If you add a new hero I can play for a few hours and do the fetch quests to get it then level it to PL130 in a few seconds.

There are countless players like me that want to play this game because we see what it could be. Give us a reason to continue because Superchargers and Ventures aren't it. The luster has worn off fast if it ever existed.

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