What Save the World needs in terms of content, endgame, and enjoyment…

Alright folks, so today we’re going to discuss exactly what save the world needs for us homebase heroes, because this is beginning to become more and more generic as events and updates come into the game.

So what I’ve come up with is some ideas that I’d love to see implemented into the game, in which the comments below will be your opinions on what you think about these additions. I’m hoping this gets seen by epic games themselves and maybe even put into the game from our broadcast of wanting something new, something fun and enjoyable. But, without furthermore, let’s dive into what I think would be amazing for us players.

Class Rework and Builds:

Every hero has a purpose, and that purpose is to fulfill their duty in the homebase. It should be known that depending on your choice of being a soldier, ninja, outlander, or constructor, that you’d have some ups and downs depending on your class. So, like what they did with the Flannel Falls Ventures Season and the Super Heroes Modifier, I’d love to see it in the base game of save the world. Now a know a few of you might dislike this idea, but in terms of builds we can make for specific heroes, it would be amazing to actually have them as unique builds to help us thrive through the 4 locations in the game. As a team, it’s your job to fulfill your duty, in which this modifier could be in storm alerts or end game missions. My retrospective review of this would be to have the modifier appear at end game canny valley, and assimilated into twine peaks, where it’s spread out between different missions, and 100% common for storm alerts requiring 4 players. With this, it would make save the world require more teamwork, appropriate builds, and something more fun and enjoyable in terms of gameplay. With that being said, let’s move forwards to something I like to call, elemental reworking.

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Elemental Husks Require Elemental Strikes:

Elemental Husks in save the world are literally nothing in terms of just being stronger than normal husks. Like seriously, even without a weapon of the opposite element, you’re still doing considerable damage to them, even in the end game. All I ask for, is the need of actually requiring the opposing element for husks to kill them quicker. An example of this would be any element that doesn’t oppose the element of the husks will have their damage reduced by 75%, but boosted by 50% when using the opposing element against them. I’d like to see this brought into the game so they actually have a purpose in terms of elements. Elemental Modifiers right now are useless at the moment, and don’t pose a real threat for mostly anyone who plays the game. But, with that said, let’s move on to my final addition.


Trust me…this is a needed must in the system of end game players…the mythic storm king is dumb easy and old, we need something different, please.

BUT, that concludes my retrospect for the game! Please do provide me with any opinions, questions, or feedback in the comments, and hopefully we’ll see if epic games takes a few notes from this and possibly even implement them into the game! 🙂

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