Why Are You Playing PL160 Missions?

Content of the article: "Why Are You Playing PL160 Missions?"

Although I check this sub far less than in the past, every time I do, I see people complaining about how hard 160 missions are unless you jail build them. With the recent news that jail builds are going to be dealt with I'm sure the complaining will only increase.

My question is why are you playing the PL160 missions? Are you doing ten of them each week for a single Supercharger that has an unnoticeable impact on whatever thing you use it on or are you playing them for the challenge?

I would guess that nearly everyone will say the former. If that is the case just stop. You'll thank me later I assure you. Once you miss one of them you won't be slave to the FOMO anymore.

If you enjoy the challenge of completing the PL160 missions then do them just for that or the mission rewards and if you get the Superchargers in the process awesome. I did all four of them one night a few weeks ago with friends and we trapped all of them out and they were fun but that's it. After we did all four we stopped.

I know the FOMO can be a strong force to make you want to play but now that we know that it is very unlikely that anything other than more Ventures seasons will be coming down the line the Superchargers serve no purpose. You don't need them to complete PL160 missions. You don't need them to complete Twine Endurance. You don't need them to beat the Mythic Storm King. You don't need them for Frostnite 128. You don't need them for PL140 Dungeons. You don't need them for anything other than getting them for the sake of getting them.

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Soon Epic is going to nerf jail builds and when that happens are you going to keep doing ten PL160 missions, using all of your high tier resources for that one Supercharger?


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