Why Epic Games should pay more attention to STW.

So I’m quite sure we’ve all noticed by now that STW has become quite dry in terms of content. (Except for the recycled content from season four and eight.) The last great update they had was adding a locker for cosmetics, which isn’t exactly game changing. The last game changing update was the hero reworks, dinosaur heroes, and space explorers. So Epic Games is creating great content, albeit at a slow pace.

Now, if STW was made by any other game developer, this rate of content would be fine. Though STW is not made by “any other game developer” it’s made by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite BR. Which kind of sets our standards a little high.

Now look at BR. They get a massive update every 3-6 months. BR players give a lot of backlash for this enormous update, because they feel uncomfortable with this change. Every new skin, (BP or item shop) skin is hated to some degree and every new weapon causes ranting. The same update keeps them engaged in the game for about two months. Once they hit tier 100, their interest dwindles. They start complaining about how “dry” it is and how Epic Games “is doing nothing” about their “dying game.”

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They are ungrateful. They are entitled. When they get bored, or rage quit, (whichever comes first) they drop the game entirely, move to a different game, and encourage all their friends to do the same. That is, until, Epic “fixes their effing game!”

All us STW players want is a reasonable and consistent amount of content. When Epic releases a new hero, we don’t complain about how “ugly” it is. When Epic releases new weapons, we don’t spam twitter with “REVERT!” We don’t discourage each other from playing, in fact, we encourage others to buy the game. It’s a good game! If we got battle passes, live events, and more crossovers, we’d be happy. STW has potential, and Epic Games can do better.


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