10.000 citizens city – Part 2: Results + SURPRISE!

Content of the article: "10.000 citizens city – Part 2: Results + SURPRISE!"

Hi! It's me again, Goggi

Your reaction to my first post about city with 10.000 just surprised me. I didn't think it could explode in such way. Unfortunately, I am here to say, that it's impossible. Yes. I've tried a lot, I spent 2 WHOLE days to get the maximum amount I could, but managed to get only 2950 citizens. BUT! I didn't want to leave you with nothing, and decided to record a video about all bugs and experiments I did(My tries on 10.000 city is on minute 7:15 of video)! Also, while I've been trying to reach this amount of citizens – a few interesting things has happened. For example, some weird thing started to fly around my city(I shown it in video).

So, to sum up, I'd like to give you my opinion on this:

For me, after reaching 1.500 citizens – This city starts to lag. after reaching 2.000 – game starts crushing as hell. After 2.500 – I wanted to kill myself cuz it crushed as hell. 2950 – No comments.

You can watch the video, because in the end of it I put a crash compilation.

10.000 citizens city(actually 2.950) is only one of my experiments, I think other are even more interesting than this one and you should check them out, cuz you can use them in your game. For example, my favourite bug is WORKING city of children:

Child execution:

City with 0 citizens:

City with 1 child:

10.000 citizens city(first post):

I don't think I am going to find any bugs or secrets of this game anymore. I love FrostPunk, but I thing that's enough of him 🙂 Hope you like it. Cheers!

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