City consistent of 10.000 citizens

Content of the article: "City consistent of 10.000 citizens"

Hi, It's me again and I've started a new experiment.

My goal is to get city with 10.000 citizens.

How is it possible?

If you have "On the Edge" DLC – you may know, that there are other settlements where you can ask for people… You got me, right? For really long time I've been just asking asking them for people and managed to gather 2500 citizens in my city in endless mode. This was… Hard… Because After crossing 1000 citizens limit it starts to lag badly. I think it's possible to get 10.000 but it will take so much time and there are some(A LOT OF) bugs you can face doing this:

  1. If you destroy the majority of houses and wait – game crashes
  2. People can't work anymore. I don't know why, but with every citizen – time spent at work reduces a little, so with 2500 citizens – people work only for 1 hour, so only automatons can replace workers.
  3. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong autosaves & saves. Game also can crash after new workers reach the city
  4. You need a lot of kitchens and hothouses with automatons only, because hunters won't work due to bug #2
  5. Many, many freezes, so you can play only on normal speed.

And this all happens on really good computer, I can't imagine what will happen to weak computers, probably they'll just explode.

You can suggest, what to do with this city, after I reach my goal(10.000 citizens), now the population is 2.500. Mass starvation? Destroying all buildings so my laptop explodes? You can ask me to test whatever you want in FrostPunk and I'll do it.

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Also if you'll show me that you like my experiments – I will do smth cool))

And yes, It takes A LOOOOOT OF TIME, so I need your upvotes to motivate me to reach 10.000 citizens.

Thanks and cheers!


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