Coal Efficiency and Automaton Efficiency New Home Guidelines

I have been trying a while to optimise New Home run. Take in mind this is fully done easily on Medium difficulty. I have not tried this approach on Hard or Extreme but I believe it should be dooable on that as well Important DO NOT SCOUT WINTERHOME UNTIL BEGINNING OF DAY 15:

  • Research as soon as possible Outpost Depot and set at outpost depot on the coal mine
  • Do not care for any other coal resource for a while and focus on increasing your economy and building houses as soon as you have house redesign. Do NOT build bunkhouse at all just skip to houses.
  • Do not upgrade generator power level, just focus on heaters of workplaces which should not be a lot at this point. You should have only Cookhouse, Even Hothouses can work with level 2 and level 3 heaters only, Advanced Steelworks, Sawmills/Advanced Sawmills, Wall Drill or Steam Wall Drill (using sawmills I found is extremely more efficient than using wall drill since the wood you get from 3 sawmills you are just pumped with wood all the time.
  • Put the automaton to work only on steel
  • Research all Scout speed upgrades, Infirmary, Advanced Steelwork, Level 3 Heaters.
  • Presend Scout team and Depot team to the top right of the map to have them ready to scout Tesla City
  • Somewhere here you should be at Day 15 – At his point initiate Winterhome event which triggers Londoners. You should be able to build all 70 houses needed for the game with the resources you got still keeping at Level 1 gen, heaters and upgrade Steam Hub efficiencies and Heater efficiencies. Your Coal depot keeps you flowing in coal and keep it coming more
  • Immediately focus on sending your scout and depot team waiting to Tesla City to start immediately getting steamcores back in the city. Do not go to get the survivors on the top of map before scouting Tesla City you are delaying a good 3 steamcores.
  • Research ALL Automaton Upgrades. Everything including Medical Automatons, Engineer, Automaton Redesign etc. This is very important.
  • At this point build a Factory and produce 12 automatons (you should already have so many steamcores by now)
  • Research Coal Thumpers – Steam Coal Thumpers – Coal Thumper Injection
  • Build just 2 Steam Coal Thumpers and 8 gathering posts
  • Place all 12 automatons on them – Drown in Coal and keep generator on level 4 throughout the rest of the game without ever going out of coal. (you can place 2 automatons direct on the piles to gain more coal you don't need to worry about heating the area so heater cost is irrelevant, you don't need steam hubs there so everything can work in the freezing cold without worrying about mines!)
  • When the Engineer asks for a steamcore give it to him as it will increase all automaton efficiency to 100% instead of 95%
  • Keep expanding with resource depots.
  • At some point you will need Wall Drills – Make the advanced version. At this point you can also swap the original coal depot to winterhome to have wood incoming.
  • Keep making more and more automatons if you want you will be drowning in steamcores
  • Enjoy a winning game 20 days before the end boss and just enjoy the show
  • 🙂
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I always wondered how to reduce costs to get insane amounts of coal. Steam Coal Thumpers with Injectors, just 2 of them are so so so much more efficient in coal production than coal mines!


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