Demystifying sickness calculation(spoiler)

Doing a almost deathless no healthcare run on extreme endurance snowdrift, hazard on, no settlement. Just pass the first storm with total of 2 death from illness so far. So I feel confident enough to share my finding, read at your on peril, games more enjoyable when its still a mystery.

Sickness calculation

  • distance travel have no correlation whatsoever, its all animation only. Have 0 effect to sickness

  • its 99% likely that sickness is calculates using average temp of home + workplace during the whole day, there's no short cut to min/max, you need to heat them the whole times.

  • Construction site temp do matter, it matter from the moment the worker get assign even if they half a map away.

  • mass building of road with half your workforce is bad, solution have 1 bum build long roads for you while everyone work. It'll bring down the average temp less and you will still get 0 sick.

  • to get 0 sick, you need comfortable at home or workplace and the other livable. 90% of the time minimum. Livable for both isn't enough.

  • eating might matter, preferably put your cookhouse where its heated 24/7.

  • its impossible to get 0 sick on first night, the first 7-8h is not accounted for so impossible to average it up where you will get 0 sick. 3 is lowest I have gotten, can send them to scout to achieve deathless for the time being….

  • overdrive during working hours is twice as effective as overdrive at night time, dont listen to rumors. Its Proven test it out for yourself.

  • sickness gets calculated at midnight everday, shows at 0000-0400. Once again its average temp of home+workplace during the whole previous day, there' no shortcut and trick.

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-stay away from hunter hut, they need to be heated during the going to hunt phase but heater cant be use for them, hard to constantly get 0 sick using them.

-having no workplace to go to likely effect the sickness calculation in a negative way, always have a heated workplace for everyone even if its not productive.

-second night 0 sickness, you need tent for all build before 2400 and workplace for almost everyone on -20 start, having two 24h gathering to 6am is still possible to get 0 sick. -30 start i persume is too hard.

Well hope this help for other like-minded curious frostpunk fan out there. As for the non believer, stay ignorant.

Ps. I have yet to see 1 sick, minimum is 2 per night, if you've gotten one sick before, plz share _^


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