Does anyone else think that the New Order law should be changed to replaced Discontent with Obedience instead?

Content of the article: "Does anyone else think that the New Order law should be changed to replaced Discontent with Obedience instead?"

Basically the title. I always found it weird that the New Order law replaced Hope with Obedience instead of replacing Discontent. The general theme of either branch seems to correspond to one of the two meters with Faith matching Hope and Order matching Discontent.

This change would also make the two paths slightly more distinct from each other. In an Order city, the system is permanently entrenched. The will of the leader takes first priority, the guards obey his every demand without any principles or code to keep them in check (unlike the faith-keepers who refuse to obey in some instances because you are defending “sinners”. Change is almost impossible in this system and there is no place for discontent, only obedience.

However, for the city to survive and thrive, the people must be willing to bear this system. Should faith (hope) in the captain and city fall, they would see no point in struggling every day to survive. One cannot beat depression out of someone, cannot threaten someone with pain or death if they do not care so an Order Captain must keep hope up for the city to survive.

Meanwhile, in a Faith city the highest authority is god. God is omnipresent and everything is part of God’s plan to guide the city to success. The Captain becomes an instrument of god, either a prophet chosen to guide the sheep to salvation or an avatar for god to walk the Earth (akin to the Pharaohs).

Because of this, the faith/hope of the people is unshakable. However, Captain has a sort of “mandate of heaven” and should he fail in enough instances for discontent to rise and fail to lower it, clearly this means that the failures of the city, of the Captain, are because he has lost God’s favor and must be removed. This would happen by another priest/preacher declaring themselves the chosen one/prophet and ousting the Captain.

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Of course, these are just my thoughts. Do you agree or disagree and why? Are there any other small changes you believe would make more sense?

Edit: Fixed grammar, rewrote text to be more understandable, *replace instead of replaced for title.


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