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I love Frostpunk, don't get me wrong, but the endless mode for the game is seriously lacking. I came up with some improvements to Endless (and the game as a whole), so here you are.

  • Safe Routes with Settlements on Endless. Makes hazards like Steam Cores Seizing, Brittle Steel and Generator Congestion a lot easier to deal with.
  • Outpost 11 as a Steel/Steam Core Settlement. Could be nerfed with some kind of story line involving freeing them- maybe x2 resources that you have to send, perhaps half trust and favour gain.
  • More events in the city- resource abundance could lead to thefts, food could be tainted, a society that pulls a few strings from behind the scene.
  • Harsher & randomized storms- mostly for late game, to solve the issue of boredom when you get to the point of pure autonomy.
  • Longer, more frequent hazards. Not just after every storm for five days, makes Settlements (and safe routes) much more important.
  • Outposts and upgrades. Not like the New Home/Winterhome variants, much more expensive and less yield, for when you run out of deposits (coal mine, steelworks, wall drill) and still plan to expand.
  • Administration can unsign laws. Every week or so (maybe even month), the Administration building can unsign laws, at the cost of a high discontent rise.
  • The colder workplaces are, the less efficient the workers. Even if it's just a decrease of 1% per worker, per heat level, its still enough to encourage to take good care of your citizens.
  • Faith debuff. I love the Faith tree, but the Order tree pales in comparison to it.
  • Buff Order. Self explanatory.
  • Add the safety tree to Pioneers mode.
  • Add Nobles into the Frostland and the starting population.
  • Add disasters. Things like fires (to recreate Winterhome), mine/wall drill collapses (could go with saftey tree), Generator Malfunctions.
  • Safety requirements, perhaps tied with cold temperature.
  • For the Rifts map, perhaps adding extra wall drill slots in between the islands.
  • After every storm, make the Frostlands more dangerous for the scouts, but give greater rewards.
  • Lastly, Scouts take longer to travel depending on the temperature- adding some resemblance of strategy to scouting locations.
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This is what I've got so far, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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