Extreme Snowdrift endurance, no Healthcare trial 0 death run

Though i share the detail of my most recent runs and finding for anyone interested in min/maxing like i was.

Map – Snowdrift, cause it's the smallest and easiest map. Hazard on, settlement off.

Challenge – 0 death until first -120 storm with no healthcare.

End result – 10 deaths, 2 from illness, 1 poet, 7 miner from propaganda center event.

Early tech build – Beacon, drawing board, wall drill, Steam hub, Hot house, Gen 2, steelwork, coal thumper, drafting machine, Steam steelwork, bunkhouse.

Early law tree – Emergency, extended, child labor, order tree rush foreman then agitator. Was force to get cemetery one tech before agitator cause of illness death.

Conclusion – it should in theory be possible to get 0 death and 0 additional illness after the first day all the way until the first -120 storm, had 4 sick on first night, sent them out to scout starting of day 3, never recall them and they still alive. Extremely tight at the start before the -40, had to use 3 or 4 total emergency shift on workshop with save scrumming to avoid death of engineer. All new engineer was put into workshop except for last group of survivor. No survivor was accepted after first storm cause they arrive as sick. Population was 186

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2 illness death was from having livable condition at home and work for 1 day, all other time livable + comfortable for work or house seem to give 0 sickness without any exception. Roads was mostly built during the day with 1-2 worker while everyone else work, construction started with building heat hub first before placing buildings. Think it help tho not certain. Overdrive was saved and used during working hour only until the -120 storm. Tested using 24h overdrive on -120 placing all worker with +3 natural heat so its comfortable, still got 6 sick. Likely impossible to get 0 sick from -120. Ended the run with total of 15 sick from the last storm.


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