Frostpunk On The Edge Extreme – Walkthrough & Guide

No wonder it's called On the Edge. You're really on the edge when it comes to struggling for resources, and starvation.

Here's how I did it ~

Day 1:

8 on steel, the rest on wood. At the end of the day build 3 workshops, 2 med posts, 2 tents. Send a scout team to Frozen Den, then Crumbling Hut to get the Engineers and Workers back. If you build tents along the road to the warehouse, 1 on either side of the road, you should be able to build 7-8 tents and cover it with only 2 braziers later.

Research: Sawmill

Day 2:

7.55am move all engineers into the 3 workshops. You need all hands on deck, the sick be damned. 5 on steel, the rest on wood. Clear the wood on the route to warehouse and near the 2 coal piles As soon as sawmill is done, research Faster Gathering. At 18.00 move engineers back to med posts. You should have enough wood to build 3 sawmills, cookhouse, 1 med post and 2 more tents, allowing you to meet the partial shelter challenge. Delete some roads to do it if required. Immediately put 1 person in the cookhouse . I like to remove everyone after work and reallocate people around 5am since the fit are put to work first leaving the sick to last.

Day 3:

Again, move all engineers back to workshops. This time 15 on steel, the rest in the sawmills. You need to clear the steel wreck. Only 1 on food to 'ration' food production. You won't need to have more than 1 cook on regular work hours throughout the game. Once food is cooked, close the kitchen (destroy & pause) and redeploy to wood. Next research : Drawing Boards. After Steel wreck finishes, deploy the workers to pick wood. Every scrap of wood counts. End of day build order: Admin, Depot, road to warehouse, 1 med posts, 3 tents. Once New London is in contact, ask for more food. When the scout returns with more hands, send them to Collapsed Building then Stone Wall before bringing the loot home.

Day 4:

With the additional engineers you can now breath a little easier. Aim to staff at least 2 workshops (preferably 3) and juggle the med posts to have 3 engs in each, and redeploying all workshop engineers after work. Put 1 on food, 20 on steel, rest on wood. Prioritize food and Steel to not have any sick absences. When 24 hr shifts are announced, run it on the warehouse to get the steel & 2 cores. Next research: Med Post Upgrade. End of day build order: 5 tents, 1 gathering post (coal+wood), 2 med posts. Always keep an eye on your work sites, swapping out sick workers at priority resources to keep things at full capacity, especially on steel/cores and research. Swap to cores once you reach 100 steel.

Day 5:

I like to take advantage of the nice weather to clear the wood piles near the road to the warehouse. Make sure to start collecting coal. Next Research: Handcarts. When the scouts return, send the shipment to New London. End of day build order: 1-2 gathering posts after sending the shipment.

Day 6:

Things should be more stable by now. Sick should be within the limits of the 6 med posts with the med post upgrade speeding up healing. You may even need to build paused med posts to store excess wood. Next Research: Wooden Supports. Scouts head to Remnants of Building, then Forgotten Fishery.

Day 7:

Next Research: Heaters. Switch on the heaters at warehouse and other resources. This will help drive down the number of sick, freeing engineers to focus on research.

Day 8:

After Forgotten Fishery, send the scout back home, then send it to Frozen Den. You'll start getting less food and at the end of the day, and you will want to get a head start to hot springs to avoid starvation deaths. That route is unlocked the moment you get the "We Must Act" message.

As usual keep juggling steel/cores and clearing the resource piles. Leftovers can be put into sawmills. Have everything except med posts heated, even the workshops. You don't want any engineers falling sick and 1 coal/hr is worth it per workshop. Juggle workers removing any sick at priority resources & moving med posts staff when number of sick increases or reduces. You may need to build a depot for coal.

If you have been rationing food production, your raw & cook food should run out by now. When it does, request for more raw food. London will tell you it's your resource management problem and either grant you soup or sawdust. Not sure about this, but you may need your favor to be high to request more food. Extended shift should also be passed. Always extend the warehouse and research. Others as you see fit. Push discontent as much as possible without being given ultimatums, but not so much that you need to build too many depots. Build paused med posts to store wood. You can't afford to spare the steel.

Next research: Drafting Machines.

From here on out you should be pretty ok. It's still dicey until you bring back food from Hot Springs, but the resource piles should be all done by day 10-11, and you will always need to juggle min-maxing the med posts & workshops, and watching the steel/core mix, whilst establishing outposts and safe routes. You may need to run some 24 hour shifts at the warehouse to get enough food until the scouts return. Yes 1 or 2 will die, but compared to the rapid ding-ding-ding of starvation deaths, it's still preferable. If you got sawdust by luck of the draw you should be ok not having to run multiple emergency shifts.

Always have New London on LOW favor before they cut ties. Get Wood, Coal, anything while you still can. Always choose whatever pleases the settlements to get loyalty up. Shoot for Shipwreck Camp then looks for Children's Mine. When building safe routes, don't bother spending extra resources on cemetary, avalanches, etc. You can and should run favor low with settlements early on, but by the late game you need high loyalty & high favor so they will ultimately send shipments to New London, winning the game for you.

You want to stay ahead of the temperature curve, upgrading bunkhouses and heaters to keep everybody warm to avoid sickness pandemics. You won't need to upgrade braziers. Engineer apprentices help speed up much needed research. You also want to prioritize warehouse production since everybody wants what only you produce.

You do not need to search Tesla nor fight at Steel Bridge, but around day 22-25 you start running out of workers. You can either head to Nansen and bring back the people. Then, having an excess of people send fresh scouts to both Tesla and Bridge. If they die, less mouths to feed. If they didn't you get more resources. If you're trying for deathless win, you might want to skip this.

By day 23-24 you should have harvested all the wood and the only 2 working sites are Warehouse and Coal Mine. Necessary research should be all but complete except Automatic Prototyping, so reallocate engineers to coal & steel if you need workers to for trade posts. Around this time, stop begging for favors from the settlements and build up favor. Shipwreck & Hot Springs should be Loyal by now after you've built the safe routes.

After building Steam Coal Mines, you should no longer need to rely on Children's Mine to supply coal for New London. Gradually stockpile the coal and you can supply NL yourself. The steel can be better used to build safe routes for food & wood & houses for yourself.

My research tree after that – Braziers, Freight Elevator, Infirmary, Coal Mine, Coal Optimization, Improved Heaters, Bunkhouses, Mechanical Calculators, Warehouse Insulation, Infirmary Mechanisation (because I didn't have enough resources for Diff Engine), Difference Engine, Straddle Carriers, Advanced Heaters, Coal Mining Rationalization, Steam Coal Mines. After a long pause in research, around day 29 I started researching Prototyping, Steam Lorries. You won't need House Insulation because you will finish the game by Day 32-33 before the temperature drops to -60.

Laws: Sustain Life (I didn't want to have to make prosthesis), Overcrowding, Snow Pit, Organ Transplant, Fighting Arena, Public House, Moonshine. The rest were not interesting nor needed.

Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with this last DLC for my favorite game..

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