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This is me playing on normal difficulty with my colony drowning in resources. If you are playing on higher difficulties, some content may not apply.

First of all, I will start by saying this map needs extreme micro-management and planning. I did run into an event where I needed to build a public house but as soon as the construction finished, I was hit by a pub ban so it can't be opened – my oversight. This event cost me a lot of motivation, I finished the game with motivation right in the middle. Discontent was never an issue. The game ended on Day 30 ish when the temperature was -10C.

Now let's get down to it, I will break this down with Stages 0 – End Game, with Stage 1-4 being the time I worked on the generator.

I ended the game with 7000+ coal, full wood, full steel, 432 raw food, 671 hearty meal, 188 headcounts.

Stage 0:

When the game starts, pause immediately goes without saying. Sign Bath House. Then, you want to recycle ALL of the inner roads, that will give you some much-needed wood at the start. Then, assign all of your workers to those five resource piles. You will be left with 15 engineers. Many people say only build at night but in my case, I started building two workshops right at the get-go. When finished, staff ten engineers, and research Sawmill. You should have enough wood collected during the day to build a Sawmill, a Cookhouse, and a Gathering Post to take care of those wood and steel.

The second research of my choice was foraging. But they won't be sent out unless you get enough wood and manpower to spare, so they won't go out until the first night. On day 1 (the day after the game started), I pulled men from the steel pile and manned the Cookhouse and Gathering Post. Now just let them do their jobs.

The third research was the fishing harbour, with 90 people to feed and short after will be calling in more workers, 300 food is not going to get you very far. Fishing harbour produces 40 raws per day, so you get 80 standard meals, with a net loss of -10 per day.

You must have noticed you got three sick people and they are yelling at you to get them shelters… Promise them all. With two full days of collecting, you should have enough wood in Night 1 to build a Medical Post and Forager's Post. Staff your MedPo with the remaining five engineers, and pull the woodpile collectors to forage. Send your foragers out during night 1 and admit those poor patients.

Your Sawmill will be able to produce 100 wood per day, 90 wood is all you need to build all those shelters, with 10 wood to spare to build roads connecting them. This will be done at night 3 with the chapel law signed and the chapel built.

Now you are off to a great start. Then research for docks, and make two of them, one for coal and one for steel for now. Research to get them both to level 2 with two outlets.

Stage 1:

This is where the fun begins. If you haven't done anything funny, you should have three steam cores on hand. We need every bit of them and more. Two for unloading docks, and one for Machine Shop. When calling for supplies, be sure to get at least one steam core on your shipment. You will need four extra to build four dock outlets. two for coal, two for steel.

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So, at the start of this stage, rush for Profiles Manufacture. Get two sawmills chopping for 100 wood to produce 4 profiles. This will trigger an event to have you sign a safety law – ignore it, sign double shift instead. But be sure to sign a safety-related law when the CD ends. Then Shift Work Coordination. What this does is it effectively doubles the productivity of a plant at 50% of manpower increase. Now you have used 3 CDs to get all these laws. Next, get Short shift. This is a must when you try to build the first part of the generator. Meanwhile, your sawmills are still chopping, use those woods to get the research where your profiles cost 20% less, and build 50% faster.

It is expected to miss the first deadline. Don't try to push things. It will all pay off. Now after you get the cost-saving research down, you should have enough wood to produce all 8 profiles, but don't stop at 8, push it to 12, and start researching for Protective Structures and the one below it. Now it only costs 12 profiles to build the first stage.

Once you get all 12 profiles, get on it and start building the thing. It is crucial to stay all the way thru with a green safety rating, or you risk forfeiting 40% of the progress.

Remember that Machine Shop we built? When you see steel overflowing, put them into the Machine Shop by clicking the produce button. It effectively acts as a Resource Depot with unlimited storage. You can do the same with wood using Profile Manufacture. I have included a spreadsheet at the end of this post to show you how many of each component you will need so you won't overproduce anything, but let's worry about that later. Once you get 10 Steam Exchangers produces with 4 profiles, you can close off the first stage without any trouble. Meanwhile, keep requesting more steam cores and workers.

Stage 2:

This stage is relatively easy, but you have to be prepared for it. You will need ten Structural Profiles, plus four for safety, and five Steam Exchangers for the work hazard event. Be sure to have all of them on hand before you start constructing. On the city side, this is where you should be researching advanced fishing harbour. With this upgrade and double shift, you can easily feed a colony of 188 headcount with Hearty Meal, this is also the number of workers I used to make Liverpool great again. Also, use the chapel whenever the CD is done. During this stage, you will need to constantly shuffle workers around. Besides, you will need to check on all of the Sawmills at each end of shift. If it's less than 100 wood remains to be collected, tear it down and build a new one at night to make sure it won't stop chopping during the day.

Stage 3:

Call the foragers back if they have hit every spot on the map. Dismiss them for extra 10 workers.

This is the most challenging stage to manage. Luckily, if you have not touched the coal that was being sent to you from Stage 1, and you are stashing your extra steel at the workshop, you will be fine.

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Now it takes a little bit more thinking to get the job done. You see, the generator building is -3 in safety rating, and toxic gas adds another -2 or -3. So you will need +5 or +6 to help your workers. Thankfully, we have Protective Structure which adds +1, and two ventilation plants which add +2, and if you choose to side with the engineers, you will get Factory Inspectorate which adds another 1. This building only needs one engineer to have it cover the generator given you have no other generator-building related plants running. So here we are with +4, and Safety Procedures will add another +1, so +5 is achieved. I don't recommend going for +6 since that extra Ventilation Plant is too expensive. Just wait till days that are not level 3 toxic.

For this stage, you will start to use a lot of coal and I hope you have enough stashed in your Resource Depot. You will need two ventilation plants running when building the generator, and coal is also needed when crafting Steel Composites. Now with all the coal stashed and spare steam cores, start research and build a Foundry and a Ventilation Plant.

I used three sets of turbochargers to make this stage easier. I recommend you do the same.

Here is where you will struggle a bit with all the HR stuff. First of all, you will have to leave some places unattended. The best way to pull workers first is always the dock. Never pull from the outlets unless they are empty. Don't pull from fishing harbour unless it is absolutely necessary. with 20 pulled from the docks (assuming no double shift), 30 from sawmills, you will have 50 people. Get another 25 from the place of your liking, and start building this stage when you have enough components. Also, don't start building these components without researching for their cost reduction techs. -20% in material and -50% in build time is tremendously powerful. Think about it – this is a 20% boost on all of your material producing plants, and +50% more manpower on crafting the components, with just one research! When the progress is halfway thru, you will be prompted to install a safety device – give them that five Steel Composites, then you will be able to get out of the work hazard event with only a few mildly injured workers.

Keep requesting those steam cores.

Stage 4:

Now comes the arguably easiest part of this whole walkthrough. The core is sealed off, so you won't need to worry about toxic gas anymore. Now, let's put Machine Shop and Foundry to double shifts. If you have 188 headcounts, this should be very easy. If not, pull from the fishing harbour if you have 200+ raw and 400+ Hearty Meals left – Two days is all the time we need to put the generator together. One full day for all the components, and one and a half days to build the generator. When building the last fifty heat exchangers, build ten more for the boost. The resource should not be a problem by now, with toxic gas gone, you can lose the Safety Procedures, that brings your efficiency to 100%, and with motivated, you get another 30%, another 20% from the watchtowers, this stage is really pleasing, knowing the end game is near and you are fully prepared for it.

At this stage, you will want to research for steam dock outlets, use all of your steam cores on those outlets, you will need 3 or 4 depending on how you want to upgrade. For me, I opted for three level two outlets with the steel dock and left the coal dock as/is with three level 1 outlets. In total, these outlets cost me 2*3+1*3=9 steam cores.

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Now the generator is built. You have the option to stay to improve the generator or go home for Christmas. If you choose to stay like me, keep reading.

Stage 5:

This stage requires no building and will open up three new research options to improve the generator. Research 1 is level 3, Research 2 = level 4, and Research 3 is level 5. It is only at this stage I researched level 5 tech to get to the last improvement.

For the first one, you will need 25 Steam Exchangers. If you are like me and pulled all the workers to work on the generator at Stage 4, even from the docks, you will be lacking steel. Had you learned from my experience and upgraded all of your steel dock outlets to level 2, you will only be spending a day or two collecting steel. However, with the manpower you have now, you can comfortably staff both Machine Shop and Foundry to keep crafting components while having workers at the dock to receive materials.

Let's do a quick run-down on the plants that are still operational:

Fishing Harbour: double shift, 15

Level 3 Steel dock: normal shift, 10

Three level 2 outlets: double shift, 45

Public House of Pleasure: 15

Machine Shop: double shift, 30

Foundry: double shift, 30

Since after this quest, you don't need coal anymore, so I suggest you pull everyone from the coal dock and outlets to staff Machine Shop and Foundry. Now get those research done, and Liverpool survives.

And VIOLA! You have successfully beaten The Last Autumn on normal difficulty. I might have left out some details here and there, but if you have questions, just reply to this thread and I will answer to the best of my ability. I know there are many on this subreddit that has beaten it dozens of times in Survivor, but I just wanted to shed some light based on my experience. Hope it helps!


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