I’m 100% sure “On the Edge” was rushed and its concept was changed in the middle of development

Content of the article: "I’m 100% sure “On the Edge” was rushed and its concept was changed in the middle of development"

It's not just unpolished and boring and poor in comparison to everything we had before in this game, it also doesn't make much sense.

Story wise it's nonsense. It's not an ending this game deserved, the story lacks options, the behavior of New London is simply stupid, especially keeping in mind that New London survived the storm under the player's reign, which, since the city survived and even expended, had to be at least somewhat efficient.

This DLC doesn't bring emotions. It's chaotic, but not "Winterhome" style chaotic, where chaos was part of atmosphere and was balanced and even felt fair — it was a anticrisis management at its best. Here, it's just chaos, with no benefits and no atmosphere and, to be honest, this is a sort of a chaos that emerges from poor game design and lack of balance, not the grim mood of the game.

It's unbalanced. Most of the tech tree is useless and you won't know that in advance during your first playthrough. Oil is by far less precious than wood, hence the disparity between your neighbors.

Most of the diplomatic choices you make don't matter at all and don't have consequences.

It still crushes every few seconds.

It's short and pale.

It lacks new features. Those new features that this DLC has are an obvious formality so that 11 bits could say: we promised new features, so here they are: you can't pass new laws and — hey, look! — there's a road to spend resources on.

Now, remember all that secrecy around it's name. Project ТАРЖЖДЖАЫ, that proved to be "Project: Reconquest", the big last DLC, the promise of the bright ending. Nothing of that happened, they even had to change the name! With all that in mind, it's quite clear that the original idea was abandoned and the DLC was rushed and finished for the sake of not missing yet another deadline. Which is sad.

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Great game though, I'm a big fan. But the ending… Frostpunk deserved so much more.


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