Is there a mod/setting to tone down the “heat homes” request the insta fail is super annoying

Usually when my people are cold enough to complain I am already working on a solution weather it is a generator upgrade or better houses.
With the generator upgrade if I forget about the mission when I am switching the generator from overdrive to higher heat setting the people will riot over the half an hour of a lower heat level while the generator warms up. I found a solution to the cold but the game punishes me anyways. Yes, I could switch off overdrive when the generator has finished heating up but it is annoying to have to micromanage it and it still feels like there should be a "hey! your people are about to get super mad" reminder rather than an instant fail.
With the houses, lord save you if you wanted to upgrade more than just the few houses required by the lower requirement, because upgrading houses is also an instant fail. Even if the people are in their comfortable heated job site they will still banish you if you have the audacity to upgrade their houses. Or if you turn on overdrive or accidentally heat houses another way before you start upgrading you just fail, there is no way out because you need to upgrade the houses but doing so insta fails you.

Basically I just want some reminder that this request is active before you fail, or for the people to not rage over upgrading homes, or a short grace period where the temperature can go down which pauses the timer but doesn't insta fail you or even a way to just strait up disable this request. I'm not super hopeful but this is such a massive annoyance every time this request comes up I thought I should ask.

Sorry for the rant, I just lost an hour of progress on a game that was going pretty well because these idiots are watching whatever remote thermometer they have implanted in their homes instead of working (my only guess for how they know the temperature of the house they are not currently in is
a steampunk nest thermostat).

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