Just Beat Fall of Winterhome

I first went into FoW after completing the Refugees scenario with the best ending. I felt proud and prideful and thought nothing could stop me. But then FoW started, and already it took me out of my element. Instead of building from scratch, I am now tasked to taking over a half dead city and trying to salvage it. Not long after, I kept failing from different problems: people starving, people dying, not enough coal, didn't raise their Hope enough in the time limit.

I started feeling terrible from banishment after banishment, letting the people I tried to hope for only to see me as a failure. I was at my wits end. I had enough and finally asked my friend for advice. I was surprised he beat it on his 2nd try. I started over, maybe, at least 20 times trying different build paths. I wanted to watch him play it to get some ideas, but instead he said he'd tell me the things he would try as I played it.

So there we were, both watching Frostpunk on our screens and him coaching me through it. Since he already beat it once, he gave me a few pointers on what to do. Eventually we finished it. I think it took us 5 hours to finish it, talking about strategies, deciding upgrades, and what choices to make. It was a long and grueling session, but fun at the same time. I will say we didn't get the best ending. I think we were maybe 1000 metal short before the generator was going to explode to get it on the Dreadnought.

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Still, a lot of people were saved, but some people had to stay. I'm glad to have finally not let those people down, but feel bad for the ones left behind. But now I'm feeling more confident, and ready to do this again and try for the best ending. This game is great, not really a game I'd usually play, so I'm happy my friend showed it to me.


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