Last Autumn population figures (and a bit on New London)

Content of the article: "Last Autumn population figures (and a bit on New London)"

In 1890, our world, Liverpool had approximately 695,000 people living there. We know that A New Home, takes place in 1887, however they expected other cities to be set up and running well, alongside the fact that it took "weeks, maybe months" to even find their generator site. In 1880, the Liverpool population was about 685,000-690,000.

Let's say that in the Frostpunk universe, populations were probably higher, but balanced out with the amount of people fleeing the major cities at 700,000 at the time the generators are built.

With all upgrades, and a completed generator, the Liverpool Generator capacity is 800. For a population of 700,000. That means barely .1% of the population of Liverpool can be saved, assuming 800 make it all the way, and others aren't picked up in the frost land.

Even if all 3 generators were built, and could support 800 people each, that's still only 2400 "slots" for 700,000 People. .3% of Liverpool could be saved, in an ideal scenario.

About 100 people arrive from London in a new home (including the ones you find at the wreck). In 1891, London had a population of 4.6 million. That means, that out of the entire population of London, headed to New London, your 100 people are .002% of the city's population.

Just in case the numbers were already hard enough to believe. Not to mention that with the level of technology the Frostpunk universe had, the numbers of population were likely much higher.


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