Let’s share the Frostpunk love – with OST news and 11 bit studios Bundle Madness Sale

3 Million copies of Frostpunk sold!

Hello Everyone! We are very happy to share a historical milestone with you all: 3 MILLION copies of Frostpunk sold In 3 Years! Thanks to all of our players our in-game New London is a sprawling online metropolis and we'd like to celebrate the occasion in style!

Today we are releasing a piece of content that many gamers were waiting for – the Original Soundtrack from our 2 Frostpunk expansions: The Last Autumn and On The Edge. Brimming with new tracks from the game's composer, Piotr Musiał, the OST is available for free for all Season Pass and GOTY owners. There is also a bonus for all fans of collecting records – the vinyl edition of the OST is also releasing this year!

Listen to it on

and Spotify!

To further commemorate this success, please find attached a quick shoutout to our whole portfolio: an infographic with some fun knowledge regarding our titles we’ve gathered over the years 🙂

11 bit studios facts infographic

None of our successes would be possible without you, our lovely community. Therefore, we'd like to celebrate the occasion and take a moment to give a heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you. That's why we've just launched a special, time-limited 11 bit studios sale!

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11 bit studios Bundle Madness sale video showcase

For the first time ever we are offering a limited sale to celebrate our whole portfolio – 3 different bundles with games from 11 bit studios chefs. You will have an opportunity to look beyond the winter landscapes of Frostpunk and check other jewels within our crown, from light-hearted adventures with rougelike Moonlighter's adventurer Will, dungeon-hunting with the Bergsons in rougelike Children of Morta, or bleak stories of a war-torn city in strategic This War of Mine. There are also our golden oldies such as Tower 57 or Anomaly – a true blast to the past!

Check out the sale here:

The offer lasts from April 20th to 26th, and is explicit in value, with most games at their most significant discounts yet, and even 60% additional bundle discount when you purchase them in a bundle – do check it out if you would like to see our journey and progress as a studio throughout the years!


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