Saving New Manchester was a mistake

Content of the article: "Saving New Manchester was a mistake"

I'm Dr. Nathaniel Curzon, former Dean of the Department of Botany (Cambridge) and current employee of the Imperial Exploration Company.

I'd like to strongly express my grievances against our Captain for saving New Manchester, and record them on this electronic forum for posterity.

I do not object to our endless toil to produce the resources needed to save New Manchester. We are willing to sacrifice anything for a worthy cause. I instead object to our Captain's very judgement that New Manchester was worth saving. As part of the scout team that made contact with the city, I have witnessed firsthand exactly what vices lead the city to its current predicament. I could swear that the Imperial Exploration Company scoured the textile mills of Manchester and shipped the very worst dregs they could find, and then appointed the very worst of the lot as captain

Our Captain rushed towards extended shifts, so that we could work harder.

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Their Captain also rushed his laws… towards moonshine.

Our Captain volunteers his free time at the care house to tend to the amputees.

Their Captain also volunteers his free time… at the public house… after he passed House of Pleasure. Even this would have been understandable had I not rented a room in their establishment only to find their Captain awaiting me in stockings and a wig!

Our Captain turns on the overdrive in dire emergencies to keep his people warm.

Their Captain turned on the overdrive to, I quote, "see how far the red line goes up". He then organized an impromptu child beauty pageant and ordered the loser to fix it because, I quote, "nobody likes ugly kids. I'm practically doing their parents a favor."

Now that the storm has passed, their Captain is organizing an expedition to the Seedling Arks to, I quote, "nibble at all those juicy, round seeds". The expedition already has over 500 volunteers.

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In light of the failings of both their captain and their ordinary citizenry, I strongly believe New Manchester deserved to be cleansed by the Great Storm.


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