Sickness calculation storm -120 tested updated


3 Rerun was conducted on 0 sick run for final storm using overdrive at different time. All worker employed got assign extended shift + natural 3 heating.

The storm

day 1 -100

Run 1 – Overdrive use working hour 0700-2000 – sick 4

Run 2 – overdrive use after working hour from 1800 – sick 3

run 3 – overdrive use 2 hour on 2 hour off during working then on – sick 2

Previous run overdrive 24h – sick 0

Note – All workers was working at comfortable with or without overdrive at -100, home was comfortable with overdrive and -2 without.

Preliminary conclusion – While working, temperature at home have correlation but it's percentile effected. Heating home while people at home have higher %

day 2 -120, home -2, workplace comfortable with overdrive

all run with overdrive 24h extended working hour- sick 4

run with overdrive 24h but normal working hour – sick 6

day 3 -60, used to test Overdrive for last 7 hours of the storm.

Overdrive off from 2400-0700 – sick 8

Overdrive on from 2400-0700 – sick 3

Preliminary conclusion – Heating at home should have highest % effect at 2400-0600, then it's 1800-2400, then working hour. During working hour even if everyone at work, heating at home have correlation even albeit at a lower %. Initial rough estimation at 50% effect.

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How this effect new player on first day

– It will help with sickness if you turn the generator on right away. Have overdrive on right away is your choice, from 1800 overdrive on will be more effective at the start. Overdrive on 24h will give best result for sickness.

– With steam hub + workplaces, it should makes more sense most times to turn on overdrive while working if you have to pick one of the two. Simple reason is your heating both places at the same time but it's debatable. For best result it's overdrive 24h.

Extra note – Arena seem to have no effect whatsoever, original run had it disabled. The best result was with it still on. So arena shouldn't have any correlation. Cookhouse/prayer etc should likely be same.

ps. take all data here with a grain of salt, to my best knowledge this is accurate. Times was spent to try to accurately hypothesis this prediction. But it's only a hypothesis.


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