Some suggestions to improve the game

After an overall 130 hours spent in this game I collected several issues (or simply illogical situations) that I'd like to be adressed by the developers. I recently finished an endless survival mode (meaning I built everything, maxed the settlements and gathered every relic except the last bugged one), so some of my points concern endless mode.

1) Recruit gravely ills for scout missions?

I don't know if this is a bug of mine specifically, but I noticed that you can recruit scouts among gravely ill poeple from care houses. Which is an exploit that certainly shouldn't be there.

2) Homless people could use medical buildings for the night

Looks stupid to me that homeless people sleep on the ground at night, when there's an empty care house in the city. My suggestion would be as follows: homeless will sleep in empty medical facilities if they aren't already occupied by ill people. And without removing the negative modificator for discontent. This way, building homes for everyone will still be necessary, but no more nonsense with people sleeping on the ground when there's an empty and well insulated building right there.

3) Human modificators shouldn't affect automatons.

Selfexplanatory. Automatons don't eat food and don't have ears, so Foreman, Agitator and other similar midificators shouldn't affect them.

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4) Scouts and buried dreadnoughts

In endless mode, the relic dreadnoughts often require a steam core to explore them safely. If you don't have a steam core among your resources at the city, scouts can't explore safely, even when they found a steam core along the way and are carrying it with them. Seriously, it's stupid that scouts who found and are carrying a core, can't use it.

5) Hunter buildings during storms

Huts and hangars don't need heat to function, so they're usually built outside the generator's range. But during the recurring storms, hunters employed there will get ill and even die, even though they aren't working (all food producing facilities are shut down). Manually turning off those buildings will prevent this from happening, but it's annoying to do so before every storm, especially when you have 5+ such buildings. Can't they just automatically go home when the storm arrives? I know this game is based on micromanagement, but this is just annoying.

6) Children's Mine settlement

It's just useless. The coal output you get from there is ridiculously low, and absolutely not worth the resources you invest in it. While for example Hot Springs can indeed save you from starvation, especially in early game, Children's Mine shipments won't be enough to help you from any coal crisis. And the resources are much better invested in developing your own coal producing facilities. The output from CM should be increased.

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7) Shipwreck Camp population

On the Frostland map, the population of the settlements is showed above their icon. From Shipwreck Camp you can request a lot of workers and engineers, almost as much as their whole initial population. Which doesn't make sense, since the settlement would simply disappear. The starting population of SC should be greatly increased.

I know, some of these aren't influencing gameplay, but they're important for the game's immersiveness.

Oh, and fix the last relic bug already!


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