Spoilers for The Arks: Why send supplies to New Manchester instead of bringing the citizens of New Manchester to the Arks Settlement?

So i just got the game recently, and just now beat the Arks for the first time. I misunderstood a couple things so I JUST barely managed to scrape together enough of all the different supplies to send to New Manchester while also having enough for my own settlement as well.

The entire time though, I just kept thinking… why are we sending supplies to New Manchester AT ALL? Why not just bring the survivors here? We've got an entire autonomous city producing thousands of food rations and coal and many hundreds of steel and wood every single day. We've got more than enough room for another 50+ houses right near the generator and the materials to build them… so why not just have the Automatons bring the New Manchester colonists HERE where we already have food, shelter, raw materials and know for sure theyll be safe (and we'll have extra people to help make the settlement even MORE successful and robust) rather than having the automatons haul materials over there, where they have to BUILD all new shelter from scratch, and have to survive solely on the food we give them cause they cant grow their own?

It just doesnt make any sense to me. I know the "real" reason is because thats just the way the devs decided it would go in the narrative, but it still bothers me because it just makes absolutely no sense at all for the characters in the game to act that way or make those choices.

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What are peoples thoughts on this? has this been discussed/answered before? What would you think of the idea of the devs updating the quest in the future, so you have the choice of either sending supplies to them, or bringing them to you?

EDIT: Since a good few of the replies seem to be confused on this, let me Clarify. Im saying have the Automatons CARRY the New Manchester survivors back to the arks, not have the NM survivors walk there. NM has no food, no coal, and nowhere near sufficient shelter. Weld a big, well insulated box to an automaton, throw in a heater and some food, and its ALREADY way better than NM is. After that, the survivors just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy a (relatively speaking) first-class flight to salvation.


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