The Woman with No Hope

Spoilers for The Last Autumn ahead!

I’ve played the game obsessively and now I’ve become pretty good. I know the tricks and I know how to win with no deaths in every scenario.

I’ve been rerunning The Last Autumn recently, trying to get the achievements associated with it. This last playthrough I went for “All Along the Watchtower,” wherein one finishes the scenario with no remaining workers, only Engineers and convicts. Obviously I suspended any sense of morality for this one and focused on numbers only.

Long story short, I was able to pull it off, but an interesting story came from the specific way I chose to play. At the completion of the generator I chose to stay behind to add the upgrades. I focused my attention on that, and I neglected to keep track of the temperature changes, so on day 37 the ocean froze over and we now had to wait 7 days for the icebreaker to arrive.

Well, I had enough coal to last a month, as well as more steel and wood than I knew what to do with, but the one thing I had neglected to sufficiently stockpile was food. We had about 3 day’s worth, and that big fat 7 was staring me in the face.

I fast-forwarded through the week, having gone too long without saving to want to go back, and curious to see what would happen as I’ve never had anyone starve to death on me and I wasn’t sure about the parameters for it.

On day 4 of waiting, I was alerted to a suicide. A woman had hanged herself. It was the woman who had been brought to my attention weeks prior, accusing an Engineer of sexually assaulting her. At the time I sided with the Engineer for pragmatic reasons, not thinking that anything further would come from it. And now she was dead by her own hand.

More time passed. Starvation began to fester. And then I was hit with an option I didn’t know existed. “Alternative food source.” I signed it, and after some hesitation I used the ability to turn the one corpse we had into 15 raw food.

It worked. I managed to run down the clock, just barely, with almost everyone starving (if I hadn’t at least a few would have died as they were already hungry when the food was running low and never got their fill). No one else died, though. Including the bastard that in all likelihood did touch her.

And as the scenario ended, I realized what a tragic story I had experienced through my unwitting choices.

A girl joined an expedition to make money in a time when it was difficult to come by. Broke her back for weeks. Got molested by a power-tripping asshole of status and then shrugged off by her boss. Was imprisoned for no wrongdoing; made into a slave. Ended up trapped in a frozen hellhole with her attacker and with no food, hundreds of miles from home. Took her own life out of sheer despair. And then wasn’t even afforded dignity in death as her corpse was cannibalized.

And she was the only one who didn’t get to leave.

I just thought it was such a sad story and a somewhat unique experience and wanted to share it.


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