Thoughts on the Frostpunk RPG Concept

Ever since the idea of a Frostpunk RPG was mentioned ive been really excited about the possibility. I know people post about this alot and its not really gonna go anywhere but I love the idea of an open world RPG where you could have the cities from Frostpunk basically act as factions in the game this was how I always felt they could be set up

Sanctuary: Huge population that is basically the full fanatical porpose, has faith keepers and mass infantry focused roster of enemies.

Legacy(Arks): Population of elite ruling over the former population of New Manchester basically using them for slaves. Essentially full order purpose using automatons to supress the city and in combat and heavily armored but small number units in roster.

New London: Neutral but large city that acts as the peacekeeper between Legacy and Sanctuary has a balanced roster of units.

New Liverpool: Could be essentially religious purpose but not fanatical, features its hot baths still and is considered one of the two minor smaller cities.

New Boston: I figured you would need another minor city for balance and would be cool to have a city made by the american refuges that could essentially be order purpose but not tyrannical, could be communist basically and would feature reknown pubs.

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The main conflict of the game between legacy and sanctuary could be resolved by the play picking a side or choosing one of the netural cities side and playing through a unique ending. Also would love to be able to explore abandoned cities of New Manchester, Winterhome, and Tesla City whivh could each be filled with their own dangers like traps, wild animals (wolves, polar bears etc.) And raider type enemies.

Also sorry for horrible grammar ive always been terrible at it lol


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