Trying to get the iron savior achvmt deathless but an event (?) causes a death

Hello guys,

I started playing this game recently, I got it from humble bundle quite some times ago and I just gave it a try and oh my it was a pretty good experience.>! (Especially the feeling of struggle when beating that storm the first time)!<

I decided to try going for a deathless hard mode play, I managed to reach the end game (I'm in the middle of the storm ) and I'm very confident that I should easily beat it (I have more than 10 days of coal and food as well as 20 infirmaries with heaters and steam hubs and overcrowding)

However, a resident called Parthena Fowler dies by lack of treatment, I reloaded my save because this isn't normal, I have still plenty of room in my infirmaries.

Parthena Fowler died for the same reason at the same time, I retried a few times but got the same result, so I investigated and it turns out that Parthena Fowler is actually busy on a ladder, sabotaging someone's house with a hammer.

I tried destroying the house but then Parthena Fowler dies instantly, I took previous saves but even my "oldest" save goes back in time by 5 days and Parthena Fowler still dies instantly after the house is destroyed.

I don't have any way of saving Parthena Fowler but I read before that most scripted deaths don't count for achievement (actually I've seen that only house of healing event death disables the achievement) , however the death message seems pretty generic for a scripted death.

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I'm not sure if I'm getting the achievement after beating the game if Parthena Fowler dies ?

Is Parthena Fowler a Londoner and is she still trying to wreak havoc in my city ?

Is there any way to bannish Parthena Fowler to stop her from sabotaging the house ? (and preventing me from getting the achievement)

Why is she hitting the house with a hammer for 5 days ?

Is house sabotage a random event and is Parthena Fowler getting sick and dying a bug that prevents the event from having a normal behavior ? (I searched about sabotage but it only seems to happens with Order, I'm running Faith)


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