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ΔV: Rings of Saturn – Kodera Software – Realistic top-down space mining simulator

ΔV: Rings of Saturn puts Steroids into Asteroids.

How would classic "Asteroids" look in real life? There is no place in our Solar System that looks like asteroid belts from movies or games. Or is there? Welcome to Rings of Saturn – the only place that could play the part, and a stage of my humble game.

I poured my love of good hard science-fiction to make the best approachable spaceflight game I could. A game where physics rules everything from movement to damage. A game where lasers are invisible without a medium and exhaust from your Nuclear Thermal Rocket can cause serious destruction. A game where your ship does not have "hull points", but detailed system damage. Where you can work around various malfunctions and survive in the hostile space.

You can trade, upgrade and fix your ship back at Enceladus Prime station. Hire a crew and manage your space excavation company. Your crew will bring their own stories to the table, and each playthrough can be different. There are secrets and mysteries to unfold in the rings – or you can just mine the rings to get rich.

I made the game I always wanted to play

I made ΔV: Rings of Saturn because I wanted to play such a game and I could not find one. Either the flight model was arcadish and oversimplified, or the game was more about managing starship and not flying one. And I wanted to soar the stars. I made ΔV as a game I would love to play, and I hope that some of you will share that love.

But don’t take my word for it, check the free demo: it’s a complete game – you just can’t load your saves. You can get it on your preferred storefront:

Early Access done right – I hope

ΔV is in Early Access for two years now and fully embraces the idea: multiple big additions and game expansions came from community ideas. My approach to development is to fix bugs first before moving to anything else, so bugs, while they can be some, are squashed swiftly. Should you opt in the bleeding edge releases of the game, you’ll experience multiple patches per day, fixing any reported bugs in hours and delivering a steady stream of new content on daily basis. If you prefer the stable release, the updates will be more seldom – but still, you’ll get multiple patches each month out.

The game is feature complete now – all the game mechanics we wanted are in and are fully playable. Right now I'm adding more content – story elements, new ships and upgrades.

ΔV started out as a solo project and it still remains a fully independent and self-published game, fully financed from my own personal funds. While it still is a project that I’m doing in my spare time, it attracted an amazing team that currently helps me with development. With no publishers or investors pushing us from the top, there is no executive meddling and there is no risk of pushing out an incomplete, buggy 1.0 release – but it also means we don’t have an iron-clad release date. While my development stats tell me that we are almost ready and I’d really want to fit release in 2021, this might shift with a particularly brilliant idea submitted by our community. It has happened in past.

What to expect now?

  • 5 very distinct, fully playable ships.
  • Meaningful hardware choices – there is no “best” equipment, each tool, thruster and reactor is suitable for different purposes.
  • 12 hours of gameplay (on the average – through I seen players sinking for over 100 hours in).
  • A constant stream of updates.

I know that Early Access titles sometimes are buggy, barely playable messes. That’s why I decided to release all the content in the game, fully up to date, as a free demo. You can see exactly what are you getting into. And if you like what you see and would want to influence where this project goes – drop into our discord. Some of you might also be interested in our press/streamer kit and the review guide.

Do you have questions? Comments? I’ll be happy to answer.


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