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137 Tips and Tricks for Brawlhalla (New Android Game)

Content of the article: "137 Tips and Tricks for Brawlhalla (New Android Game)"

tl;dr 1 – Brawhalla was just released to Android. This post covers a basic overview to help beginners get started and has a ton of stats and formulas for nerds like me!

tl;dr 2 – As usual, I made a professional quality video that has all the info and shows examples here

But for those of you who don't like watching videos, here is my video script:

Brawlhalla just got released on Android and iOS and it is worth hours and hours of fun. It has dynamic gameplay, epic customization, engaging PVP and it is truly free to play, but it is also pretty confusing for someone just starting off so today we have 137 tips and tricks for you

When you first download brawlhalla, you will notice that you are not given the choice to change your name. This is because you are automatically assigned your registered nickname in Google or iOS. If you would like to change your name, simply change your nickname like this and it will automatically update in the game.

Brawlhalla is a two dimensional arena Battle game in which your objective is to knock your opponents off the map. There are over 80 legends each with their own pair of weapons and unique set of stats. As you level up these legends, you'll get a chance to tweak these stats with stances.

Increasing your attack stat increases damage and how far they fly by roughly 5% with polynomial diminishing effects. Increasing your defense stat reduces the damage you take and how far you flying by roughly 1%, but defense has polynomial increasing effects. So while it is very important to have at least an attack of 3 regardless of your legend, the higher the stats you are working with, the more important defense becomes. Now some might argue that if you are good, you will get hit less than you hit others, but I would respond that since brawlhalla will match you with your skill level, it is statistically impossible for everyone that is good to hit others more than they get hit.

Dexterity decreases your attack animation time by a diminishing 5% and speed increases how fast you move by a diminishing 4%. Do not underestimate these two stats! These stats are often the tiebreaker between two people with the same skill level and same reflexes as they often determine who hits the other one first.

Some people choose bright colors so that they don't lose themselves on the screen, but it is much easier just to go into settings and to select the option that puts your name or an arrow above your head.

While we're talking about settings, I recommend using the default camera mode and collapsing crossovers means that it will hide legends that are imported from other Ubisoft games. Clicking on edit controls and then adjust controls allows you to have complete customization. I recommend testing out different d-pad settings right away and then once you become pretty familiar with your setup, I recommend reducing the transparency of your buttons.

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As you play through a game, it might look like there are four stages of health represented by the colors white, yellow, orange & red, but not only is there a 5th color of brown, but if you watch closely, you will notice that there are actually up to 5 different shades of each color due to the fact that each character has 300 hit points. But unlike other games, hitting 0 hit points does not kill you, but rather the lower your hitpoints get, the further you will fly when someone hits you. After taking 50 hit points of damage, your health bar will turn yellow and you will fly 180% further, after a 100 hitpoints of damage, your health bar will turn orange and you will fly 320% further, after 150 hit points of damage, your health bar will turn red and you will fly 500% further. After that, your health bar will gradually darken to brown and the distance multiplier will increase to 840% at 200 damage taken, 1320 percent at 250 damage taken and then finally when you hit zero hit points at 300 damage taken, the multiplier will reach infinitum.

This is of course extremely rare in a real match because most attacks have at least some knock-back and it is fairly easy to finish off an enemy by the time their health hits red. That being said, it is still helpful to see these numbers because it reveals that it is futile to use finishing moves on enemies with white health bars and similarly pointless to use attacks without knock-back on enemies that have already received a lot of damage. So a huge part of this game is managing your own health while watching the health bars of your enemies to know when and who to attack.

Players get three normal jumps and 1 attack jump. The original three normal jumps can also be replaced with attack jumps. If you walk off or get knocked off the platform, this counts as one of your jumps leaving you only two normal jumps and an attack jump to recover. However after making those jumps, you can also use your dodge button to dash which can often allow you to hit a wall which will reset your available jumps.

There are currently 13 types of weapons in the game. Each skill of each weapon has its own attack and knockback values. Some skills are so powerful that they can even finish off another legend when their health is between yellow and Orange, but as a general rule the higher the damage and knockback, the slower the attack is, making it harder to land that attack. If you would like to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of the 13 types of weapons in Brawlhalla, I plan to make a video like that in the near future.

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Learning the different combinations of the legend you are using is crucial to succeeding at this game. Every legend has two weapons and each weapon has 4 light attacks, a light attack combo and 3 heavy attacks. Furthermore, some weapons have additional combos if you meet certain conditions like hitting your opponent while you are both in the air. Knowing that all these combinations exist will help you, but it can be difficult to learn them during a match so I recommend choosing the tutorial option every time you start playing with the new legend so that you can spend about 2 minutes exploring what each combination does.

To switch between the two different types of weapons, simply throw your weapon using this button and then pick up another sword to equip your other weapon. Which by the way, you do not have to wait until the sword hits the ground to pick it up as you can jump up and grab it as it is falling. You can also do this with bombs which are a great way to finish someone off with a ranged attack and with mines which can often be a great way to steal someone else's kill.

I also recommend playing with the same legend at least 10 times in a row before switching to a different one because every time you switch, your brain will focus on the differences between the two legends rather than focusing on the mechanics of game. Getting good at the game requires your brain to truly understand the game mechanics so focusing on one legend over and over again will help speed up this process.

As you play online games, you will earn gold which will allow you to buy more legends to play with. Unlocking all of the Legends as a free-to-play player will take a very long time

So that is a basic overview of the game, but in addition to these 126 tips and tricks, we have 11 more for you.

  • There are currently no friends in brawlhalla mobile so playing with your friends requires inputting the custom game code. Likewise, if you would like to play 2 v 2 with a friend, one of you needs to input the room code to join.
  • brawlhalla is completely free to play but you can speed up the process of unlocking characters through making purchases and like many games, the battle pass is the best deal for your money.
  • The down power hit signature usually has some kind of crowd control or grapple or something disruptive
  • Moving towards an enemy and using the power hit is usually your strongest finisher.
  • While hitting the side of the wall will reset your jumping, doing this over and over again will have a diminishing effect so you cannot stay on a wall forever.
  • I will cover more about other weapons in that other video, but as a general rule it is best to be in the air if you have a spear, Lance or gauntlets and on ground with a sword, axe or hammer.
  • For new players, jump as much as you can. As you get good, you will be able to use the evade button well, but in the meantime jumping is going to be your best dodge.
  • If you see an enemy using the same attack or strategy over and over again, there is always a way to counter it. You might have to switch to a different weapon, but there is always a way to counter it.
  • Lastly, watching gameplay videos of pro players and copying them is one of the best ways to improve quickly. For example, you could watch my husband Fuerza.
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-impromptu addition

Well, that’s it guys. Hope that helps. Overall, this is an awesome game and I hope you guys enjoy playing it. Alright guys see you next time.

tl;dr 1 – Brawhalla was just released to Android. This post covers a basic overview to help beginners get started and has a ton of stats and formulas for nerds like me!

tl;dr 2 – As usual, I made a professional quality video that has all the info and shows examples here


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