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150 hour review of New World

Good day; today I will share my experience with this game thus far:

First of all on the boring technical side, if you could beat the queue the servers have been amazing, I’ve experienced a few bugs but most of them have been minor at best and the most major one I’ve experienced was fairly bad were half our team didn’t get loaded into a war.

On to the game play I’ve found this game to be extremely enjoyable and part of that might be because I had the experience of prior knowledge and what to expect; I didn’t hit the level 30 burn out because I was fairly over levelled at that point and had miles of quests to do. This game really just uses quests as a vehicle to move you around the map and increase your level rather than your levelling content actually being just questing.

I’ve really enjoyed the free format of the levelling design, at level 40 I actually hit a point where I had so much stuff I needed to do I was getting stuck not doing anything at all because I couldn’t pick out what had the highest priority.

I’ve really enjoyed their versions of dungeons, they’ve progressively got more interesting as they’ve gone on and had a few mechanics that have actually been fairly interesting.

Now I’m going to address some of the criticism I’ve seen that I either agree with or disagree with

First up “it’s copy paste” Yep there is a fair bit of copy paste, can’t deny it, it does get better at higher levels, the mobs get new abilities and some new mobs come into action but assets have been control V’d in

The quests are boring No doubt the quests are bland, the quests are really just a vehicle to move you around the map and no doubt most MMO quests are kill and collect but they could have sugared them up a bit more – however personally I really don’t care much for MMO quests and they didn’t make me sit through RP so I was fine with it

The combat is bland I’ll take a hard line stance saying the combat in this game whilst lacking buttons as way better than people give it credit for, it actually does become way more interesting once you get all your unlocks and can start chaining things together. It mostly works exactly how it should and that “clunky” thing people say actually evaporates once you understand how the combat system works.

It’s got no content Half and half on this one, the games set up so if you’ve got your own goals the game opens up a lot. It still could do with more content added for sure and I’d love to see a roadmap.

It’s got no depth So people complain about games been worked out before they release and if that was the case everyone should know how far the rabbit hole can go on this game, I think people are missing huge portions of knowledge as far as this game goes and once you see it you know how deep some stuff can go.

It’s got no direction I’ll die on this hill, if you’re saying this you have no direction, if you need the game to be on the rails to give it direction you’re going to get lost


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