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16 games from 2020 I have something to say about

Hey, I discovered the sub on christmas and Its the best gaming forum out there. Those are the 16 games from the 45 I played that I felt like writing about. I have ADHD and Dyslexia so its hard for me to gather my thoughts on paper, plus English is not my first language so Im asking for patience while reading 🙂

Metro Exodus– I love Metro Last Light and was very excited for exodus, just didnt really get around to play it till last year. Oh boy this game is great. I didnt think 4a could transfer the atmosphere out of the metro into the the open world but they did it so well. The game is everything I want from an open world game, no repetitive quests, no stupid generic activities and to let me play and explore at my own pace. Metro Exodus sets the highest open world standard (besides RDR2). You dont have an annoying mini map or 300 pointers its just you exploration and a few story based quests. Everything feels so fluid, every place you discover ON YOUR OWN has something for you and the side quests are each so unique, all underlined with a thick immersive atmosphere. PLAY METRO EXODUS

Red Dead Redemption 2– The best open world game out there. The whole world is a living ecosystem. None of the repetitive bland errands, everything that is side content is up to you to discover or has a decent narrative with well written characters included. The gameplay is fun and the whole thing feels very immersive, a combination of cowboy shit and survival blends well. Meanwhile the game is incredible in all aspects said. RDR2 has a great fucking story with the best written characters through all of media. Red Dead really uses the advantage of the videogame medium by commiting big amounts of its runtime to deepening the characters. The story is full of twist and always kept me on the edge of my seat. Its runtime can be divided into multiple different storylines and all of them were fun. The only problem I would point out is the long rides on the horse. The views you get are beautiful and it only deepens the atmosphere but oh my god is there a lot of riding a horse. I think when you are making such a vast long and large game you have to realise that the mechanic preformed by the player 90% of the time just isnt complex enough to be fun. Overall a pretty incredible game.

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The Last of Us part 2– You´ve probably heard this game being called a masterpiece and a tragedy and Im not going to try to change your mind. TLOU2 became my favorite game of all time which used to be The Last of Us. Its very fun and complex and deep, and there are so many metaphors included it feels like a piece of art. Its all I ever wanted from a game. All I can ask is that if you havent played it yet, try to go in with a clean slate and your expectations in check.

Doom Eternal– This game is great. It makes you feel like a human tank even through how hard it is and I love it for that. It was so immersive too, I boot up Doom eternal and Iam doomguy . Action packed ride with little parkour parts to catch my breath in between action. I know some people say that the 2016 one was better but for me Eternal is perfect.

Batman Telltale– 2nd best telltale game after TWD. Wasn´t expecting much from it but it surprised me immensly. Story with interesting characters and unexpected twists and your decisions actually change events that happen.

The Walking Dead The Final Season– I didnt really like any of the sequels of the first game but this one was the first that made me feel like The Walking Dead. Feels like we´ve went full circle with Clementine, I cared about AJ and the decisions I was making. I also cared about the characters and the whole thing felt awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

Singularity– Is fun. The story is mediocre but cool, the game really shines in gameplay, reminded me of bulletstorm with a lot of cool weapons and mechanics.

Mafia– I replayed mafia for the first time in 10 years and I must say I remember it looking a lot better. The story is still good even tho now I see how many bland characters there are. The city still feels very alive which was really before its time considering games 15 years after mafia had cities which feel stranded. 90% of what you do in the game is driving around which is made fun by the fact that you have to order by the law, and the fact you dont get a given road on which you have to go only a location and a map. However even the driving becomes boring after you are doing the same thing for the millionth time. The remaining 10% is shooting which is fun, only if it werent for the AI who are completely unpredictable and can make the game quite frustrating. Now even with all of this said the game still brings me quite some nostalgia and I enjoy it.

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Pathologic– I fell in love with this game on first sight. A dark atmosphere in a surreal world is exactly my cup of tea. The world is full of unreal structures, the music is fucking amazing and the whole atmosphere is awesome, it feels like a dream and i cant express how intrigued I was. But the story is slow and I was wondering around the world multiple times, talking to NPCs, trying to figure out how to progress. Which would be okay if you wouldnt move SO INCREDIBLY SLOW and that is the only reason why I put it down. I definitely want to come back to it but Ill have to forget just how bored I was after few hours of walking.

Tacoma– It looks beautiful and I remember caring about the story from the beggining. It has a nice atmosphere and good character development. Its nice how you can witness different scenes from different points of view. I enjoyed it for what it was and it keeps you invested in the story well.

Wheels of Aurelia– A short innovative story game with a lot of possibble outcomes. I enjoyed it for the short time of a few playthroughs. I will definitely come back to it and explore more. Its worth your time.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan– I was very excited for this game. I enjoyed Until Dawn a lot and practicly was looking for a similiar experience since. But it struck me just how similiar the story is to Until Dawn. It features a group of teenagers stranded and you have to keep good relationships between them. I didnt enjoy the game. I think it really highlighted how innovative Until Dawn was, just by being a short worse version of it. I didnt care for the characters and once i figured out what were the developers pulling with the story I lost interest completely.

Mad Max– I wanted to ask about Mad Max in here because I heard a lot of good about mad max and was surprised at how dull it was. Just like Horizon Zero Dawn it felt like work. So many errands and tasks and little shit to do and take care of that I just had to turn it off.

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Rise of The Tomb Raider– I consider Tomb raider 2013 and Rise of the tomb raider great games so I was excited to finally play Shadow of the tomb raider. The story is so nonsensical, I absolutely dont understand how the developers were okay with putting it out as a finished product. Events, character development and the actions of characters just dont make sense. It kinda starts a bunch of arks filled with flat charcters and never finishes one. The gameplay is clunky, the graphics are definitely a downgrade. I just cant say I had fun at any point.

Phasmophobia– I reccomend phasmophobia if you have a group of friends to play with. I also encourage you dont look at any guides and try to figure the game out for yourselves. Those are the moments I remeber having the most fun with my friends. I think after 20 hours there isnt really much more to do but with new maps coming phasmophobia is definitel worth your money.


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