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19 Games I Played in 2020

Content of the article: "19 Games I Played in 2020"

Edit: sorry for formatting, not really sure what I'm doing on Reddit and things didn't come out like I thought they would. Just looking on mobile and it's also completely different formatting to on PC, WTF?

I had no intention of writing one of these, but seeing others posted I found I actually enjoyed reading them for comparison to my own experience of the games as well as guidance on other stuff to play. I am, however, too lazy to write lengthy reviews so it will be a TL;DR in every case.

So here's my list, in random order that I remembered them:
*God of War (2018)
*Tomb Raider
*Sleeping Dogs
*Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2
*Max Payne 3
*Ride 3
*Forza Horizon 3
*Alien: Isolation
*Just Cause 3
*Road Redemption
*Titanfall 2
*The Darkness II
*Bully: Scholarship Edition
*LA Noire
*GRID 2 (2013)
*Dirt Rally
*Hitman 2016
*Spec Ops: The Line

God of War
Actually started near end of 2018, found it really repetitive and boring and gave up after a month. Came back to it in Nov 2020 after SO MANY people praise it, and now it is in my top 10 games of all time! Slow burn at the start, but really opens up to a fantastic story and excellent gameplay. Wife even got sucked in watching me play thanks to the story.

Tomb Raider
Good and well polished 3rd person action adventure. Somewhat standard fare I guess, but it was enjoyable and my wife enjoyed watching me play it for the story.

Sleeping Dogs
Great map and atmosphere (nostalgic for me after living in HK for a short while), fighting feels really solid too. Driving was frankly pretty crap, motorcycles were especially poor. Story quite predictable, but fun enough.

Half-life 2 Episodes
Played HL2 years ago, but Steam gave the episodes away just before Ep3 was released, so I took advantage. Quite short as they're just DLC, but were like slipping into old comfortable shoes. Story left me wanting more, and the game engine still holds up today IMO.

Max Payne 3
Frankly; quite forgettable IMO. I struggled to follow the story and characters, and the slow-motion dives and whatnot don't stand out particularly in 2020 since so many games utilise slo-mo now. Gunplay was quite good. Cover mechanics were infuriating at times. Overall would say I was actually disappointed with it.

Ride 3
Gran Turismo/Forza Motorsport of the motorbike world. No other competition on the scene really. Graphics are a bit dated, but the physics and gameplay are passable/good enough for me to enjoy as a fan of sim racing. AI is pretty poor, and some of the challenges are painfully unbalanced and border on impossible to complete. But if you're into the collectible nature of GT, the customisation of your vehicles, and enjoy decent physics; this is a game for you. Still has a few online players to race against too.

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Forza Horizon 3
Massive wealth of content, I love the realistic (ish) driving physics combined with arcade-style gameplay and free-roam map. Really rams DLC down your throat, which is especially annoying as it's almost impossible to even buy it anymore since it's removed from the MS store. A little bit too much emphasis on off-road driving compared to the older Forza Horizons, IMO.

Alien: Isolation
This was an unexpected hit for me. I bought it when it was crazy cheap on sale ($1.99 I think), without actually looking into it properly and I thought it was a FPS. About an hour into the game and I hadn't got a gun yet I was wondering what the deal is. Turns it out's an excellent horror/survival/stealth game with AMAZING atmosphere. Can only imagine how good it would be with VR. Lot of reviews say it's too long of a game and I'd tend to agree, the story started to annoy me by the end as it was a constant repeat of "all we have to do is this thing and we'll be able to get outta here" followed by "oh no we did the thing but something else went wrong! Now we have to do another thing then we'll be able to get outta here!".

Passable; if mostly forgettable; FPS. A little unpolished in places. Guns feel nice and powerful. Story was a little more deep than I had expected. Over in just 6 hours. Probably wouldn't recommend paying over $3 for it.

Just Cause 3
Really enjoyed this one; huge sandbox with lots of explosions and fun with physics. DLC was actually pretty good and lengthy too. Liberating villages, bases, oil-rigs was fun.

Road Redemption
Throwback to Road Rash on my Sega Megadrive (Genesis) as a kid. Not really a full-size game so wouldn't be fair to review as one. More of an arcade-style, aim for the highest score before you die, kind of game. Surprisingly addictive and definitely found myself saying "one more game" many times.

Titanfall 2
EXCELLENT game. Very polished, fantastic story and voice acting, great feeling of the guns and movement. Gets praised a lot here and I wholeheartedly agree with that. A couple of the levels are genius; the underground assembly-line factory and the "other" memorable one which I won't mention to avoid spoiling it for anyone in future. That one was seriously cool. Main gripe is I just wanted more! It's over in about 6 hours.

The Darkness II
Very underrated game. Also very short at about 6 hrs. The gunplay and the special abilities are really well done, and I actually really enjoyed the story. Graphics are also very good and don't seem dated considering its age. The ending is a cliffhanger that left me wanting a sequel that it seems we will never get.

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Always wanted to play this when it came out, so I finally got round to it when I got it in a Rockstar games bundle. Very fun game; now feels quite dated, you can tell it's from the same era as GTA San Andreas. Would still recommend though.

LA Noire
Overall I enjoyed it, but it comes with a lot of frustration. Character movement is typical Rockstar-style so can be a bit clunky; chasing a criminal through tight streets and alleyways can be annoying. The voice acting and facial expressions are way ahead of their time; however the questioning of suspects process can be unbelievably infuriating. Often it appears clear that a person is lying; or telling the truth; but you select the narrative option that matches that only to have it be completely wrong and mess up the whole line of questioning. I ended up getting too frustrated and never finished it.

GRID 2 (2013)
Gave it a go as I got it for free from some giveaway, but it's not really my type of game. I am more into realistic sims, this is very much arcadey and after playing Forza Horizon 3 above there is no incentive to ever go back to this.

Dirt Rally
Super-realistic physics, and probably quite boring to most gamers if you're not into that. It's an accurate simulation of rallying; so it's extremely punishing and quite lonely as you're racing against times rather than physical opponents (except in rally-cross). You can be winning a stage, then accidentally take a corner on a cliff too fast and fall off: race over. Or hit a tree too fast: race over. I would guess with a proper wheel setup and VR, this is as close to realistic sim racing as you can get.

Hitman 2016
Always loved the old Hitman games but for some reason couldn't warm to this one straight away. After a while playing I did get into it. Only has a few levels/maps, but a ton of replayability where you can figure out other ways to achieve the mission goals or get to your targets. I'd say it's a bit easier than the old games because you can optionally get it to hold your hand a little and give you guidance on different paths to getting your target (e.g. if you overhear a conversation that might help, it will ask if you want to track that "path", telling you where to go for the "next" part). Without that it can be daunting for a new player. Will be getting Hitman 2 when it's on sale.

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Spec Ops: the Line
Quite enjoyed this too; gameplay is frankly quite bland, but the story was well-told and the environment was cool and interesting. Cool twist in the plot, which I won't spoil here. Another story that kept my wife interested to watch.

Thanks for reading, and I hope it wasn't too boring! Would love to hear your opinions on the same games.


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