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2020: My Year in Patient Gaming

Every month I jot down a quick list of games I have been playing (also keeping track of the games I buy). A glance towards the end of the year gives me a chance to reflect on my gaming habits and preferences while also offering a trip down memory lane. This is what these notes look like.

Best of the Year:
1.) This year I got back into gaming, big win. Got a PS4 Pro in January and discovered TWO new favorites, both easily breaking into my all-time TOP 10: The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us. I know, I know…not very original, hence I’m going to forego any additional commentary. 2.) I also managed to get a PS5 on launch, which is not very patient, but I wanted to sell the PS4 Pro before its value drops drastically due to backwards compatibility. It worked out. 3.) Got one year of PS Plus for $23, covering me for nearly all of 2021, which I am looking to make a no-purchase year. Planning to enjoy all the games already in my library (paid and freebies alike), which I haven’t touched yet, including the amazing PS Plus Collection – nearly all the titles being an uncharted territory for me (terrible pun intended). I might make an exception for a very short wish-list, should anything on it go for below $10 and 75%+ discounted. After all, the hunt is also part of the fun.

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Worst of the Year:
1.) Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. I was looking forward to playing this for many years, I like the art style so much. Unfortunately, it was not the game I imagined it would be. Bland story, cringeworthy at times, coupled with frustrating gameplay – either a complete cakewalk or (when going out of your way to seek a challenge) a maddening exercise in micromanaging your dumb AI-controlled allies, which will literally run straight towards a charging bomb. 2.) The Outer Worlds. 3.) Nintendo Switch, a system I was very much looking forward to having, but so far it hasn’t won me over. Super Mario Odyssey is okay, but I’m not finding it as amazing as everyone is claiming it to be – and unfortunately it is the single most expensive game I splurged on this year. In general, Switch games are very expensive and it’s hard for me to justify spending so much money on them. I only have 5 games on it so far; only one developed by Nintendo. I’m still looking forward to buying/playing Breath of the Wild, but I’m not loving the price (It’s a nearly 5-year-old Wii U port for crying out loud). To be honest, I am not loving Big N’s anti-consumer behavior in general.

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Games Played: 19
Most Popular Platform: PS4 (12/19)
Most Popular Genre: RPG (7/19)
Most Time Spent: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Best Game of the Year: The Last of Us*
Worst Game of the Year: The Outer Worlds

Some quick purchasing stats:

Oldest: Duke Nukem 3D (PS4; 1996; $2.16)
Newest: Katana ZERO (Switch; 2019; $9.40)
Cheapest: Duke Nukem 3D (PS4; 1996; $2.16)
Most Expensive: Super Mario Odyssey (Switch; 2017; $36.84)
Games Purchased in 2020: 19 (+many free, good year for that at least)
Games Purchased in 2020 but not played: 8
Money Spent: $150.00
Average Spent Per Game: $7.89 (excluding free)

Pictured: my monthly list, with games placed in descending order according to time spent.

*Undoubtedly, a keen eye will notice a title that will break my yearlong “patient streak” at 1:00 AM (CET) on December 10th … it might also shake some things up in the best-of category. Thankfully, it was a gift, so at least it doesn’t break my patient purchasing streak!


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