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2021 predictions

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I think we will get two Zelda directs, two Pokemon directs, a Metroid direct, a E3/super direct and a few tiny announcements.

Zelda direct one will be February 10th and reveal WW and TP HD coming along with SS in a Zelda master collection August 4th, a giant lego BOTW hyrule castle and a few smaller sets, a legends of Zelda ultimate lore/art coffee table book and AOC dlc with Astor, the blights and a lynel as playable characters playing through 5 missions that take place during the main campaign coming out March 26th. The direct will end with a teaser for Legends of Zelda, echo of dimensions Launching in December.

March 10th would reveal Mario super strikers releasing may 14th

April 1st would bring a Pokémon direct with a new free stadium game that connects to Pokémon home releasing right after the direct, Pokemon snap releases June 22nd, grovyle from PMD in Smash releasing April 7th and a cinematic trailer for Pokémon eldritch platinum

Metroid direct would be on may 5th and would reveal an E shop release of Metroid fusion, a lego Samus gunship, a Samus helmet replica, a Samus, Ridley and Metroid amiibo and Metroid prime trilogy releasing september 14th.

The super direct would be June 31st and along with a bunch of 3rd party stuff would include star fox interstellar (new star fox with an open world over world coming November 16th), Kirby nebula raiders (new Kirby game coming January 21st) and a full echo of dimensions reveal. It will have link stranded in the Age of Calamity timeline 5 years after the calamity while Zelda is in the Main timeline 5 years after BOTW, you will switch back and forth between the two characters. The game would release December 17th. It will also reveal egg man for smash and sonic mania 2 both releasing September 20th.

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The next Pokémon direct will be a week later on July 6th and reveal amiibo for pikachu, the Kanto starter evolutions and armoured mewtwo. Fire red and leaf green would get the metroid fusion treatment and get put on the E shop. There would be new merch, alola in Pokémon go and it would end with a full reveal for eldritch platinum with the starters, garchomp and locations getting Gmax forms and new designs for the main characters. The game would come out October 25th

On august 6th Nintendo will release a video titled “time to level up” the trailer would start and would do similar thing to the original switch trailer, before revealing a handheld with a bigger screen with 1080p and 4K ray tracing in the new upgraded dock releasing the same day as echo of dimensions. Also they would go over some stuff in a direct a week later including graphics, Bluetooth and NON DRIFTING JOYCONS (you could send in your old joy cons to get de drifted for free). It would end with the reveal of final fantasy 7 remake on switch in 2022

The second Zelda direct would be November 3rd and would begin with a giant final echo of dimensions trailer revealing new runes, sneak peeks at the first two dungeons and the reveal of new Gohma and king dodongo designs. It will also reveal a collector’s edition with a statue of link and Zelda fighting together as well as a pro controller and soundtrack CD, and a series of amiibo with Ganon, link, Zelda, a lynel and the descendants. It will also reveal a novel based on the first calamity, A four swords adventure online game, skull kid in Smash releasing December 25th and a legends of Zelda special edition switch pro. The direct will end with a FF7 caliber Majora’s mask remake coming 2022 and a similar Ocarina of time remake coming 2023.

The end of the year would come and the game awards would bring a secret smash fighter for those who bought both fighter passes, master Chief. The game awards would also show a trailer announcing persona 5 on switch.

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Anyway that’s prediction/wish list, or wishdict list.


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