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22 years after I first played Diablo, I have finally beaten it

Content of the article: "22 years after I first played Diablo, I have finally beaten it"

I was 3 when Diablo came out, and I "played" it first when I was about 5. Of course, I didn't ever get far – The Butcher terrified me, and I could never beat the dude. I would always start a new character, get up to The Butcher, and immediately quit.

I played the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3 last week which gave me the kick I needed to pick up Diablo 1 and finally, finally beat the game. It's not fair to judge this game on graphics and gameplay, as I will probably be doing so with a modern bias, but I thought I'd list out some of the things I enjoyed and didn't enjoy about this game outside those 2 aspects.

Things in Diablo 1 that I enjoyed:

  • The atmosphere – this is a truly tense and creepy game sometimes, especially as you continue down the labyrinth. The music for the cave levels in particular gave me the heeby jeebies, and the ending cinematic is suitably creepy as well.
  • Saves – saving a game and loading it right back up in the exact moment that you saved is a life saver for me – I tend to be rather crap at games so having the ability to save before defeating a particularly strong group of enemies so I can "save scum" if I'm struggling helps me immensely
  • Potion vendor sells full rejuvination potions, even if only in limited quantities
  • No arrows for bows
  • Town portal spell, rather than just scrolls
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Things in Diablo 1 that I didn't enjoy:

  • Walking. Oh my god, the walking. Let me go faster!
  • Loot drops – I really felt like I was being punished for playing as anything other than the warrior. I played a rogue, and barely any good bows (or bows at all) dropped at all. In fact, most of what I picked up was swords, axes and shields. Griswold didn't stock many bows either. In addition to this, most enemies dropped gold only, I was still getting rags in level 15, potions were few and far between, and most chests I opened had literally nothing in them.
  • No stash – though dropping it on the ground and not having it disappear is a fair compromise.
  • Nobody in town heals your mana – you gotta potion it, buddy

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It had a very steep learning curve for me coming from D3, but the challenge wasn't too overwhelming. And now I can be proud that I have finished a game long on my to-do list.


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