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3 Quick Tl;Dr Android Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 177)

Welcome back, friends 🙂 I hope you'll enjoy this latest episode of my weekly mobile gaming recommendations based on the most interesting mobile games I played last week.

This week's episode includes an MMORPG that initially released on PC in 2017 but that has now finally arrived on mobile, a casual and silly mech shooter, and a fun roguelike action game.

Disagree with my opinion? Let’s have a friendly discussion below.

New to these posts? Check out the first one from 177 weeks ago here.

The games are "ranked" somewhat subjectively from best to worst, so take the ranking for what it is.

Let's get to the games:

Albion Online (free)

Genre: MMORPG / 3D / Isometric – Requires Online Access

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Albion Online is a cross-platform sandbox MMORPG with a classless combat system, player-driven economy, a large focus on grand-scale PvP, and no auto systems.

Progression is inspired by old-school grindy MMORPGs, which means various skills need to be leveled up by collecting, refining, and crafting resources into gear that can be used or sold to other players on the marketplace. Interestingly, equipment pieces have combat abilities attached to them, which makes acquiring new gear rather exciting.

Since there are no character classes, we can equip any weapon or type of gear to start improving our proficiency in that weapon type. This makes the game more forgiving for new players since we don’t have to lock in our choice already during character creation.

Combat is somewhere in-between the slow-paced Warhammer Odyssey system and the over-the-top and fast-paced setup found in Black Desert Mobile. I found this to work quite well for mobile. Since we lose all our gear if die, however, both PvE and PvP is rather hardcore. Additionally, most endgame PvP content is ruled by large guilds that we are forced to join to be able to participate, making the game unideal for solo players.

The low-poly art-style is alright, but the UI is way too small. Thankfully, the controls work well and offer both joystick and tap-to-move options. The game did, however, start to run my phone hot after about 45 minutes of playing, and for grand-scale PvP, PC players will always have an advantage.

Albion Online monetizes through iAPs for a premium currency that can be spent on vanity cosmetics or an $11 monthly subscription that lets us progress faster. The most common complaint about the monetization is that paying players can sell the premium currency for in-game silver.

While the game is great for the types of players who enjoy this sub-genre and is way less pay-to-win than most other mobile MMORPGs, the developer doesn’t have the best reputation.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

YouTube video: Here

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots (free)

Genre: Shooter / Action / Mech / Indie – Offline + Online

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Armored Squad is a casual and fast-paced 3D mech shooter featuring both offline playable singleplayer and online multiplayer with friends or random opponents.

A big part of the game's appeal is its incredibly high level of mech customization that lets us buy lots of different over-the-top and silly weapons, turrets, armor, engines, and equipment – a bit like in Astracraft. Many of these parts even drastically change the gameplay once equipped, such as jump jets and shields that allow us to play more offensively.

The game features a variety of game-modes, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Bomb Delivery, and even Football. Since multiplayer is heavily dominated by high-level players, the singleplayer and friends-only multiplayer are the best ways to enjoy the game as a new player.

The menu UI feels unpolished and is slightly confusing, and the art-style is mediocre. But the fun gameplay and decent controls with auto-shooting make the game a worthwhile experience for players looking for a casual and not-too-serious mech shooter.

Armored Squad monetizes through relatively frequent ads that can be removed by purchasing any of the iAPs that unlock special mechs or additional coins used to buy mech parts faster. These coins are also gained through gameplay, however, and with the most expensive iAP costing “only” $12.99, the monetization is on the lighter end for mobile mech shooters.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

Bangbang Rabbit! (free)

Genre: Fighting / Roguelike – Offline Playable

Orientation: Portrait

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Bangbang Rabbit! is a fun action game that mixes One Finger Death Punch-inspired character controls and combat mechanics with roguelite progression systems for a unique and engaging fighting experience.

The core gameplay loop has us enter and fight our way through levels that each include multiple waves of increasingly stronger enemies. If we survive every wave, we get a bunch of gear and gold rewards that we can use to improve our character and permanently increase its stats before entering the next level. If we lose, we must start over from wave one again.

Like in many roguelites, we occasionally get to pick between one of three power-ups that last until we die. This allows us to play around with different strategies for each play-through and adds some replayability. The game also features various event game-modes that we can play a few times every day for additional rewards that allow us to progress faster. It’s also the type of game that has an abundance of quests, achievements, and daily login rewards, which some players like and others prefer to avoid.

During combat, we simply tap either side of the screen to dash and attack in that direction, or tap buttons to trigger abilities. This control mechanism works well but also creates a skill-ceiling that means winning levels rely to a certain extent on gear and the power-ups we pick – no matter how well we play.

Bangbang Rabbit! monetizes through a very high number of incentivized ads that are pushed heavily, iAPs for premium currency and packs that let us progress faster, and an energy system limiting our maximum play-session length. The monetization is on the heavy side, but I haven’t yet experienced any actual paywalls, so the game can still be enjoyed by free players who don’t mind the incentivized ads.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

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