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400 Hours Later and I have finally beaten the Mass Effect Triology 99 percent blind.

I always heard about the mass effect triology but never really cared about it, I ended up randomly playing mass effect 1 with no real desire to play through the triology, I just wanted to finally check it out now that the legendery edition had been announced.

17 days later and (Edit: 400 SAVES NOT HOURS, I'm dumb) within that time I have completed the triology. All I can say is , this game was a true master class in writing, lore and I now understand why bioware was so hailed and respected in the gaming scene…. was. Rip kotor , rip dragon age, rip mass effect and rip true bioware.

To anyone on the fence, all I can say is if you enjoy a decent shooter,with a cast of characters you will genuinely fall in love wih , great lore and amazing scenery and space shit, also amazing choices that ACTUALLY MATTER because things have real consequences that have a ripple effect not only in the game but in future games.

It was an amazing ride, if anyone is curious on how I feel about the triology now playing the whole thing.

Mass Effect 1 – 7.5/10 , pretty hard on normal, lays the ground work , solid first try.

Mass Effect 2 – this is when the game peaks, better in almost literally every way. (Fuck scanning planets despite it being kind of relaxing) – 8.5/10

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Mass Effect 3 – The end to a franchise ,I'll be honest I wasn't really feeling it, not because I lost people in mass effect 2 but because it just felt forced and depressing, yes the reapers are fucking everything up but the tone is far too dreary and serious. I would even say opressive. Its the game I took the most breaks from , alot of weird unncessary missions that felt like they went nowhere, alot of busy work (EMS). Not that its bad its just …. less fun to immerse myself in overall. (The citadel dlc played a big part in me not beginning to hate the game tbh)

I'd give it an 8/10 , I don't like it as much as 1 or 2 but it would be disingenous of me to imply that its not a good game overall.

Also I romanced Jack because I'm a crazy person. 🙂


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