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5 Quick Tl;Dr Android Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 156)

Content of the article: "5 Quick Tl;Dr Android Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 156)"

Welcome to the first of these mobile game recommendations posts of 2021! 🙂 I've got no less than 5 great games lined up today, so let's waste no time and just dive in.

This episode includes the League of Legends mobile MOBA, a fun cyberpunk-themed arcade racer, one of the best platform action games I’ve played recently, a casual simulation game about destroying planets with freaking lasers, and a fun action game that mixes puzzle and dungeon-crawling elements.

Disagree with my opinion? Let’s have a friendly discussion below.

New to these posts? Check out the first one from 156 weeks ago here.

The games are "ranked" somewhat subjectively from best to worst, so take the ranking for what it is.

Let's get to the games:

League of Legends: Wild Rift (free)

Genre: MOBA / Action / PvP – Requires Online Access

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

League of Legends: Wild Rift is Riot Games’ mobile version of the massively popular PC MOBA, League of Legends. Most notably, its 5v5 matchmaking is incredibly fast, there are already 40+ unique heroes, and the graphics look great without overheating my phone.

While there are plenty of MOBAs on mobile, Wild Rift had the best on-boarding experience I’ve tried to date, jumping straight into the action instead of forcing us through lengthy tutorials. And this while still being mindful of explaining the core mechanics as you play your first matches versus AI.

Unlike some MOBAs, the combat is nicely paced in Wild Rift, with each match taking roughly 15 minutes, which is perfect for mobile. The lack of annoying pop-ups with quests and login rewards is also a welcomed change.

Just like its PC counterpart, the monetization is very fair. The heroes are well-balanced, which means we can easily compete with the heroes we get for free, while purely cosmetic skins and additional heroes can be bought through iAPs.

Wild Rift is by far the most polished, fair, and overall most promising MOBA I’ve played in years.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

Nameless Cat (free)

Genre: Platformer / Action / Indie / 2D – Offline Playable

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Nameless Cat is a beautiful 2D action platformer with a mysterious story, lots of interesting obstacles and enemies, and even boss battles that we must overcome without being able to attack.

One of the game’s most unique features is the ability to teleport to what looks like tombstones that are found throughout each level. This mechanic is used to avoid enemy attacks, travel distances that are too far to jump, and teleport away from traps, creating a fun experience that feels different from most other action platformers.

The peaceful soundtrack perfectly fits the distinctive pixel art-style and creates a truly calming and peculiar atmosphere that makes the game a joy to explore. As we complete the 40+ hand-crafted levels, we also collect cans of cat food used to unlock new cosmetic cat skins.

The game monetizes through occasional ads between deaths and incentivized ads to activate some of the checkpoints, both of which can be removed through a $2.99 iAP. $0.99 iAPs allow us to unlock additional premium skins.

Nameless Cat is a must-play for any fan of cute, challenging, action platformers.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

Neon Flytron (free)

Genre: Arcade / Racer / Endless / Indie – Offline

Orientation: Portrait

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Neon Flytron is a forward-movement arcade racer where we control a flying car blasting through a cyberpunk-themed city full of neon lights, skyscrapers, and obstacles in both level-based and endless game-modes.

Unlike lane-runners like Subway Surfers, Neon Flytron’s smooth controls let us freely move up, down, left, and right to avoid obstacles, defeat bosses, and pickup powers-ups or gold. Combined with the futuristic soundtracks and shiny art-style, this makes for a truly unique experience.

Arguably the game’s most unique feature is just how customizable everything is. Vehicles can be painted with different materials and colors, a custom game-mode lets us heavily alter and control the gameplay experience, and the map editor even allows us to fully customize the colors used for buildings, windows, and more. All customizations cost gold, which we earn through gameplay.

Monetization happens through occasional forced ads that can be removed through a $1.99 iAP, incentivized ads to revive or increase our gold rewards, and iAPs for more gold used for customization and to unlock all cars immediately. The monetization isn't heavily pushed, and the game can easily be enjoyed as a free player.

Neon Flytron is a runner that doesn’t feel like any other endless runner, and that’s why it’s worth checking out for arcade cyberpunk fans.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

Yokai Dungeon (free)

Genre: Puzzle / Dungeon Crawler / Acrade / Action – Offline

Orientation: Portrait

Required Attention: Some

tl;dr review:

Yokai Dungeon is a cute and simple arcade action game where we fight our way through endless randomly generated dungeons by pushing blocks and bushes into enemies to defeat them.

Each dungeon floor consists of multiple rooms full of monsters and a boss at the end, and while we’re free to explore the dungeon in whichever order we prefer, we must defeat all monsters in each room before we can proceed to the next. Monsters drop gold that we can spend to unlock cute heroes with unique health, speed, and luck stats.

The controls are a bit wonky and combat gets slightly repetitive after a while as our only offensive ability is to push blocks. But apart from that, it’s a fun mix of puzzle and dungeon crawling that works well as a casual game.

Yokai Dungeon monetizes through frequent ads between dungeon rooms, which can be removed with a $2.99 iAP, and additional iAPs to unlock heroes faster.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

Solar Smash (free)

Genre: Simulation – Offline

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Little

tl;dr review:

Solar Smash is a simulation game about destroying planets and entire solar systems by altering the orbit of each planet until they collide or by using a range of over-the-top crazy weapons from rockets and lasers to alien spaceships and Cthulhu-like creatures.

The game plays like a sandbox experience, with full freedom and no overall objective or mission to complete. It’s a fun experience for short periods of time, although it quickly grows repetitive due to a general lack of gameplay modes, planets, and weapons.

The controls are decent, and the performance is alright, although explosions may sometimes cause lag even on high-end devices.

Solar Smash monetizes through occasional forced ads and a $2.99 iAP to remove these completely.

Google Play: Here

MiniReview link: Here

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