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A big fat list of non-scary and scary games to play this october

Content of the article: "A big fat list of non-scary and scary games to play this october"

Non scary:

Castlevania series– Series about a guy with a whip in a castle filled with enemies inspired by movie monsters. Great gameplay and music. You have to play at least one of the 2D games

Super Ghouls and Ghosts(SNES)– A pretty hard game where you fight monsters to save the princess

Zombies Ate My Neighbors(SNES)-Loved this 2D run & gun where you must find and save your neighbors before they are killed by classic movie monsters who are roaming the map

Haunting starring Poltergeist(Genisis)-Control a poltergeist in a house and try to scare people to death

Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday (SNES)-2D platformer with Porky Pig

Nosferatu(SNES)– like a horror Prince of Persia

Super Metroid(SNES)– A nonlinear 2D action side scroller where you fight monsters on an alien planet. God I love this game.

Decap Attack(Genisis)-2D platformer where you can throw your mummy head at enemies

Splatterhouse 2(Genisis)– Take control of a Jason type killer in this Sega beat em up

DemonCrest(SNES)– 2D platformer where you play as the gargoyle from Ghouls and Ghosts

Medievil 1 & 2 (PS1)-Hack n slash where you play Sir Dan, a hero that died in battle whose accomplishments might have been a tad embellished. Now raised from the dead years later, he must defeat the evil sorcerer and prove that he is worthy of the glory he was given posthumously.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonstein– a haunted game of hide n seek in this point and click game.

Jersey Devil(ps1) -Halloween themed 3d platformer

Twisted Metal series(PS1 & PS2)– drive around and blow up other vehicles in this car combat game

Heart of Darkness(PS1)– platformer where you rescue your dog from shadow creatures

Darkstalkers 2(PS1)– a horror themed fighting game

Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain(Ps1)– Top down RPG where you play as a vampire on a quest for revenge

Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver(Ps1)-sequel to blood omen but is a 3d action game.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask(N64)

Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers(N64)

Spirits & Spells(PS2)– a pretty short, cute little 3d platformer with halloween aesthetic

Disney’s Haunted Mansion(GC)– WAAAY better than the movie and takes place in the past. A 3D action game where you solve puzzles. Great spooky atmosphere

Luigi’s Mansion(GC)– Luigi as a ghostbuster

Scooby Doo:Night of 100 frights(PS2,GC)

Darkwatch(PS2)– Fight gothic monsters in this western first person shooter(


Folklore(PS3)-3rd person action adventure game where you unravel a mystery that involves characters from Grimm fairy tales

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Dark Souls & Bloodborne series-Fight monsters in bleak worlds. Embrace dying

Dead Rising series– fun game where you have tons of ways to kill the crowds of zombies that fill your screen.

The darkness 2– first person shooter where you can control shadow-like creature arms coming out of your body

Vermintide-Like left 4 dead but with warhammer

Grim Dawn– Diablo like game

Hunt Showdown-Hunt and kill monsters but be on the lookout for enemy teams

Hollow Knight– A modern metroidvania that has a great dark atmosphere

Alice:Madness returns– Alice in wonderland with a horror twist in this hack n slash game.

Don’t Starve(Together)– 2D survival game with a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic.

Harry Potter games(including the Lego ones)-You’re a wizard Harry

Overlord– Pikmin type game where you play as an evil overlord who can control his goblin minions

Gears of War 1– 3rd person shooter where you fight the monster-like Locust army. The first game has a twinge of horror that isn’t scary but is great to play this month.

Life is Strange: graphic adventure video game that has a great indie soundtrack and nice october vibe.

Plants vs zombies(PC)– fun mindless little game

Oxenfree– A 2D Supernatural mystery graphic adventure

Night in the Woods– It is a story-focused exploration game

Batman Arkham games– great games to play during october. Knight even takes place on Halloween

Carrion– a 2D reverse horror game where you play as an amorphous creature and kill those who imprisoned you

Ghostbusters– the closest you’ll get to a new ghostbusters movie, written by the original crew

Costume Quest– Play as kids trick or treating as they take down the evil Repugians. In combat, you transform into whatever your costume is (knight,robot) By Double fine productions

Psychonauts- Another double fine game, with a unique art style where you play as Rasputian, a kid training to be a psychonaut at camp!

The order 1886(PS4)– a victorian van-helsing esque 3rd person action adventure

Red Dead Redemption:Undead nightmare- great zombie dlc

Grim Fandango-Double fine point and click game that takes place in a Día de los Muertos’ type land of the dead.

Animal Crossing

Not quite scary but close-


Left 4 dead 1 & 2– You and 3 other survivors must fight your way through zombies to reach a safe house

Resident Evil series(except 7, that's scary)

Alan Wake- Some spooky moments but not super scary

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Parasite Eve 1 & 2 (PS1) – not super scary but unsettling

The last of us 1 & 2(PS4)-Probably the best zombie games ever made.

Little nightmares– puzzle platformer. Haven’t played it so I can’t tell you if it’s scary or not

Dead by daylight– not super scary but fun to play with friends



Silent Hill series-Not much to say, most people have already played or heard about it.

Kuon– A Fromsoftware survival horror game where you explore a haunted Japanese Mansion during the Heian period.

Fatal Frame series– A game where you take pictures of ghosts to vanquish them while trying to balance getting the shot with not letting them get too close.

Clock tower series– Inspired by the 1985 film Phonemena, the first game is about a girl who must search a mansion for your friends while the scissorman stalks you.

Haunting ground– a spiritual successor to clocktower that many consider the “true” clocktower 3.

Rule of Rose-A survival horror kinda like silent hill but without guns that takes place on a giant airship.

Eternal Darkness– a lovecraftian inspired game that messes with the player’s sanity.

The Evil Within 1 & 2 – survival horror games made by the creator of the early resident evil series,

Siren 1 & 2 – From the developers of the first 4 Silent Hill games, these games are about sneaking by and hiding from zombieeque people stalking you. But, you have the power to tap into their eyesight meaning you can see what they see with the press of a button.

Until Dawn-Have you ever been watching a horror movie and thought “Dumb kids! I could survive longer than that” Well here’s your chance to test that theory. This game kinda plays like an interactive horror film where you decide what the players do. You can even play with friends.

Condemned:Criminal Orgins– Ever want to play a detective that is tasked with tracking down a serial killer like in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ or ‘Memories of Murder’? Well here you can. A first person game that has you explore urban environments and battling sociopaths with any melee weapon you can find.

Deadspace series– Kinda like a resident evil in space, this game takes place on a mining spaceship overrun by monsters.

Bioshock– A detective sent to find a missing girl, you find yourself in an underwater 1940’s utopia that has gone horribly wrong. Great game that you’ve probably heard of already

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Obscure– A survival horror game that has co-op, you play as a group of teens who find a laboratory at their school where experiments are being done on the student body. If you like cliche Bmovie horror films, you might like this

Manhunt– A really violent game where you control a death row prisoner and must kill gang members on camera to earn your freedom

The Thing– Based off of the film, the game puts you in control of a squad of guys that arrive at the outpost just days after the film ends.

Cold fear– an early resident evil clone that came out around the same time as RE4, it’s a survival horror that takes place on a boat.

Alone in the Dark:The new nightmare– trapped on an island solving puzzles and fighting monsters

The Suffering 1 & 2

Dying Light– Parkour with zombies!

I hope someone finds this somewhat helpful. Sorry if some games didn't get a good thorough description. What games would you recommend to play this October?


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