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A bit late but my Top 10 games I played in 2020 and a short review / commentary for each one!

Content of the article: "A bit late but my Top 10 games I played in 2020 and a short review / commentary for each one!"

Some games that didn't make it to the top: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Shogun II, Trails in the Sky, Bastion, Xenoblade Chronicles X… (If you want me to explain why I didn't like that much these games, we can talk about it in the comments!)

TOP 10:

  • 10: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This one is hard to rate for me, since I appreciate the game more than I like it. What I mean is, objectively, I think it's an amazing game with innovative mechanics. But when it comes to the core, I didn't find myself having that much fun or being really engaged by it.

+ Really adds to open world games, creating a new quality standard. I found myself several times thinking "woah, so this mechanic that was implemented 15 hours ago could be used this way too"…

… but sadly, also found myself thinking that games like Skyrim or Genshin Impact were able to hook me more easily. Tastes, tastes. I also thought that it was a game with great lore told in a really uninteresting way.

  • 9: SOMA

I consider this game one of the best sci-fi stories I've seen in the industry, probably top 3. And I think that its appealing relies on putting together some of the best topics of the genre. I really don't want to go into it too deep (heh) to avoid spoilers, but it's really worth it.

+ Great main story, good characters, nice nice very nice lore and, more on a personal matter, I liked that it had elements of psychological horror instead of jump scares.

When it comes to gameplay it really doesn't go very far, and enemies are sometimes more of a nuisance than a challenge.

  • 8: Detroit: Become Human

Another great sci-fi story and also wonderfully told. The best graphic adventure I have ever played, with a very well integrated gameplay, as well as many decision ramifications, being all of them interesting.

+ If you want to enjoy a game with good narrative and quick time events, this is probably your best bet out there.

A little more puzzles and exploration wouldn't have hurt.

  • 7: Dark Souls II

This one is supposed to be the worst one in Soulsborne saga, and oh man. In my opinion it stands as a great game anyway, with an addictive formula and still a good multiplayer.

+ Its DLCs were really worth it, I'd say that on pair with the best content of other entries in this franchise…

… but, on the other hand, some of its early levels were really bland, with mid quality level design and bosses' mechanics.

  • 6: Chrono Trigger

I'm sure some of you will be disappointed with this game being this low on the list, but what could I do. I wouldn't mind talking for hours and hours about what I think about this game, but I'll sum it up as much as I can. I think it had the same effect that BotW had on me: I appreciate the game a lot, but I couldn't be emotionally involed with the plot or its characters. As an important point , there wasn't anything I could point at and say "this is not good enough", and I think that doesn't happen usually at all.

+ AWESOME bosses' mechanics and soundtrack. Nice plot approach and a really good worldbuilding. Truly a well rounded game.

I felt like the story, at some points, was more like a sequence of isolated events. Characters didn't have much development, even after doing the sidequests, so I couldn't connect well enough with them or game's plot. I know that this was probably intended, but just didn't work for me.

Probably beating the game 25 years ago would've made me fall in love forever with this title. Sadly, it didn't happen.

  • 5: Final Fantasy VIII

Last "great Final Fantasy" I had pending on finishing, so here it is. Indeed, awesome game. For me, not as good as the very best FF entries, but really close. Doesn't disappoint.

+ As usual, excellent OST and charismatic and well defined characters.

Some parts of the plot were a bit loose for me, and the difficulty can be easily broken if you understand the "magics" system.

  • 4: Final Fantasy Tactics

One of the surprises of this year for me, a game much more addictive than I expected. It makes you spend hours and hours in the menus setting up your characters, equipment, jobs, etc. and the combat is up to the task.

+ Addictive as hell, and the story has a very striking dark touch.

The approach of the narrative flaws a bit, since the characters who join you stop participating in the cutscenes (because permadeath). I know this is more or less common in the genre, but didn't like it. Plus, sometimes the events felt a bit rushed.

  • 3: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Aaaaand another unexpected one for me this year. It might be a factor to be a huge fan of this saga, but it is a mix of Animal Crossing, Minecraft and Dragon Quest, also very polished and addictive. And with a very particular charm, surely the most relaxing video game I have ever played. I didn't expect I was going to like it this much when I started it, it deserves more recognition.

+ Unique charm and perfect game for relaxing and be creative, with cool characters in Toriyama's style and warm and calm OST.

Sometimes there are stretches of pointless dialogue that you really feel like skipping as fast as possible.

  • 2: Muv-Luv: Alternative

Okay, okay, listen up. Or read up. Have you seen that meme about "First quest: find lost kitty. Last quest: kill God"? If you thought that it was a huge difference, join the Muv-Luv sect and find out why you were wrong.

+ It has drama, comedy, complex and multi-layered story and, in general terms, the merit of having inspired many works that have ended up as icons of the entertainment industry (for example, Shingeki no Kyojin). Also, really really good soundtrack.

It's a visual novel, so you are only going to click to read dialogues and make decisions, in general terms you cannot expect anything else from the genre. Also, characters designs haven't aged very well. Lastly, you also need to play Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited before this one, which will make you think that you should just uninstall it and never pay attention to any random guy on reddit again. But trust me, Alternative is worth it.

  • 1: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

"The story of a hero, who began with a dad and his son". I read it a while ago in some comment and, after beating the game, I thought that it had a great meaning. This is the kind of game that makes you feel happy for playing and loving it.

+ It has one of the most original approaches that I have seen in a video game (plot-wise), a story that is on pair with some other great JRPGs, awesome soundtrack and very innovative mechanics for the time, like taming monsters (which Pokemon would later copy). And still, it maintains the charm of old-school RPGs.

It would benefit a lot from a remake. With current technology, they could rework the cinematics and it would help a lot to convey emotions better.

And btw, there is this movie called Dragon Quest: Your Story with which I connected very strongly after beating the game, since the plot follows it really close. Totally recommended and I took it into account when choosing this game as the first one in my top.

So this ended up being way longer than I expected, but I wrote it for me and wanted to share with all of you. Feel free to share your thoughts about these games, I'd love to talk about them and know what you think!


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