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A few thoughts I had on TLOU2

Hey all! Just wanted to share a few thoughts on the game and wandering what everyone else thought in comparison?

-I think this game showcases the duality of man PERFECTLY. Even though the entire game I was still ‘rooting’ for Ellie, I found myself becoming more and more compassionate with Abby’s cause and becoming more and more sickened by the actions that I did during the game (For example in the first game I fucking drilled Abby’s dad, like I put like 12 bullets in to him for some reason and it hit me so much harder when that reveal happened.

-Ellie being gay was written incredibly naturally and in no way forced (Anyway, those of us who’ve played Left Behind knew this anyway and if you’re a normal person this shouldn’t really bother you anyway.

-Lev being trans was also beautifully worked in to the story. I grew up in an incredibly conservative area, acceptance and love is something that I’ve had to teach myself over the years. I think the seraphites rejection of him is a super cool story mechanic (While also being tragically sad) that is unbelievably unique to gaming and was handled amazingly. It didn’t feel forced at all to me.

-Abby’s story dragged though. Badly. There were multiple times were I was like okay great! We can go back to Ellie now! As much as I became compassionate for Abby, I still wanted to play as Ellie and continue her story. Some of Abby’s story felt kinda dragged out for the sake of it. The fact that we had already killed Owen made me kinda passive to it all, becuase I knew the outcome already? It wasn’t a twist it was just character building, which is great but just lasted a few hours too long for me.

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-The attention to detail was insane. Best gore I’ve ever seen in a game. The fact that you could see entry and exit wounds on bullets is just absolutely crazy to me.

Overall a wonderful game. A 10/10 in my book, there were times I was comparing it to TLOU1 and thinking maybe the first was better. But they’re just both such exceptional games that it’s comparing a 10 against a 10.

Genuinely sad I’m done!


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