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A genuine question regarding TLOU Part II NOT related to the story

I've been seeing a lot of comments about the gameplay of TLOU 2 as "average", "generic", or even "outdated", and here I am after beating the game thinking, "Boy, these guys sure must be playing some crazy good games". I straight up think the gameplay is fantastic by any standard, and I'm curious what are the reasons why people make those above comments.

The game fixes a lot of the flaws of the first game. Enemy variety is far better, you have more stealth and combat options, and shooting guns has really good effect and impact. The AI is some of the best and most reactive in any stealth game, and I have to commend the level design in the sequel. Some of the later levels are quite complex and have great verticality to them, making stealthing through them some of the best stealth experiences I've had since Hitman 2. It sure beats many of the cookie-cutter outposts in a lot of open world games these days. The only thing I think the game lacked regarding stealth was a move body option, but at least you can grab enemies and move them before killing them.

Even when you get into combat, I struggle to think of any single-player game that provides TLOU's hide and seek style combat, where you and your enemies try to flank each other, and you have these short, tense bursts of combat before re-engaging stealth again. TLOU 2 also fixes my main issue with the first game, which is how OP melee can be. Now, with some melee-focused enemy types and a dodge button, melee is now engaging enough to complement the gunplay.

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These are just my thoughts, and I'm curious to think what you guys think.

TLDR: The Last of Us Part 2 has some great gameplay and I wanna know why some people think otherwise.


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