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A Great Idea for a Game: Geocaching + MMORPG

Content of the article: "A Great Idea for a Game: Geocaching + MMORPG"

**edit: this doesn’t necessarily need to be an AR game, your phone could fundamentally be used as a birds-eye map/GPS, where if your near a player or enemy you can click on their dot and see what they look like in 2D. Give players the ability to design the looks of the items so they have more agency to paint a picture of the story they’re trying to create.

Geocaching should mix its real-world cache database with an RPG game. Maybe it would be a separate app. Make it so that players can create a customized character with certain abilities/skills, and then they can explore the real-life cache world in forests, mountains, urban environments, bridges, etc and when they find a cache, they are awarded with a weapon, a piece of armor, a magical scroll, or a written note that guides the player along a storyline created by the placer of the cache. The awards could either be:

  1. Randomized
  2. Higher value if more difficult to find
  3. Customizable by the person placing the cache, so they can write their own narrative/story by placing notes into the cache, which urges people who continue trying to find the caches

The caches themselves then could be made to look like treasure boxes, swords, scrolls, notes jewelry, etc. so it reflects the RPG nature of the game itself.

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The game could then have their own NPCs created by the cache-placer who you can interact with on your way to finding the caches, as well as enemies who can either guard the caches, or are just scattered all over the land, so players either have to fight them or sneak around them.

Maybe if active players are in proximity to each other, they could either form an alliance or fight each other.

So basically, it’s like mixing Geocaching with Elder Scrolls/Skyrim/Mass Effect/secret agent role-playing/alien investigating and/or DnD. Use real-world objects and locations to create an open-world RPG that the cache-placers themselves can customize for the players!

Lots of potential here! Especially when you give people the ability to create designs/stories/items/enemies themselves.

What do you guys think?


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