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A look back on my week with Skyrim (Review) (Spoiler: I did not like it)

Content of the article: "A look back on my week with Skyrim (Review) (Spoiler: I did not like it)"

Thanks in advance for reading(please excuse grammar and wording issues, I'm not a strong writer, but im working on it) .

I took this labor day week off to do some chores and work on personal projects. Late Saturday night I was looking for something to play, and the 33% achievements of Skyrim caught my eye. How could I have only experienced 33% of the game with 200hours logged.

Oh Yea, I completed the game prior to the DLC coming out, then never returned. I had purchased the DLC on steamsale some years ago. So I installed it with the intention of getting all the achievements and experiencing the rest of Skyrim. Cut to 6 days later, I've finished my quest, and would you like to know something ? I now hate Skyrim and view it as the worst of the big 3(Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim). I even completed Morrowind in 2020 for the first time. In my honest opinion Skyrim is a graphical upgrade but otherwise a complete downgrade from Morrowind. I wanted to expand on this but it feel like more of a morrowind is better and let me convince you part than anything else. But here are a few things it got better: Spell building, enchanting, block, wildlife, diversity of towns, diversity of buildings, weapon selection, spell casting, reputation, and the list goes on.

I'll attempt to write this while its fresh.

Over the last 6 days I sat up in my office grinding for materials, delving samey dungeons, and walking through the vast caves across the land. The first 2 days were met with wondrous joy. The Southern region of the land is and was my favorite. The landscape is breathtaking and easy to navigate. The north offered poor vision due to snow, and vertically. After having levitation in Morrowind to not having levitation in Skyrim made getting around a HUGE PAIN. Each town feels different enough to be unique. I accepted everyone jobs and quests. A few were local giants to be slain, or heirloom to be returned. Everything was good.

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Then I hit the loot wall and quest wall. By happenstance I found dwarven mits that increased my 2handed by like 30% ( never to be replaced for the rest of the 4 days), some fur armor that also increased 2handed 20-30%, and Volndrug (2handed dedrea warhammer quest reward from the far south the area i liked more than the snowy north). As I increased 2handed I knew I would not find a better weapon, what could replaced a deadra artifact ? Questing became a chore, discovering early loot ruined 1/2 of the game play loop and severed me from the reinforcement that exploration good. Why now do quests if I had god like power already? What could a peasant offer me except a few spetims. My heart knows its nothing. I even had a quest giver praise me for returning his family heirloom sword, then once out of dialogue tell me to leave town because they did not want foreigners. I just saved your family and you have no positive reputation for me. I'm also the dragonborn/champion of the companions/theives guild master and the archmage of the college, yet the game still treats you like an ant. Contrast this against becoming the Hortador in morrowind. Once you are Hortador 99% of people want your autograph. Or when you find slaves and release them they still act poorly to you like you did not just release them from a death sentence.

Dungeons became longer and started blending together. I often would question which trope the quest I was on would use. Skyrim once you start grinding out quests and achievements becomes very formulaic. The loop becomes get quest, travel to opposite side of the map, enter location, pick one of the following: Tunnel in to burial grounds, falmer tunneled in to the homes basement, or dwemer ruins that expand in to more dwemer ruins for wayyy to long. Rinse and repeat. Side quests, not misc/radient quests use the same locations. Finding the Sibil and House of Horrors spring to mind. You go to the exact same space with the same Forsworn with the same forsworn briarheart at the end. Dawnguard had way to much falmer for any-ones liking.

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The game was not all bad. I had fun in places but it was so spread out it soured the whole experience for me. Finding Skill books or getting to the next level for a skill point were awesome and the southern part of the map was very comfy. Using mehrunes razor to perform stealth kills was top notch as was the fun of setting rune traps and making noise to have enemies blow up. For me the game became a slog once I happened upon good loot. The positive feedback loop, once broken, never put its self back together.

DLC Quick Hits:

DLC1 HearthFire:

This DLC is nothing but Chores. Its a chore to grind for sawed logs, Iron and that other ore. From questing/selling everything I find I have tons of cash. Just let me buy the home, grinding for mats was not fun. This dlc felt like a waste for me. I prefer the house in whiterun or the home in RavenRock.

DLC 2 DragonBorn(takes a star for Best DLC):

This DLC was fun, well written, actually interesting. However Solstheim is just a location lifted from Morrowind. The biggest disappointment was DragonRiding, I was hoping it was going to be just like flying. NOPE, you can suggest the dragon fly in a direction, but once attacked the dragon for me just circled the area. The high points were the BlackBooks, these were interesting and offered tangible benefits to completing.

DLC 3 Dawnguard:

The main quest in the dawnguard DLC kept me engaged (Except fill up the water jug 5 times) but the vampire lord/wearwolf transformations felt out of place. I ran into a lot of placed where i could not progress due to the character model getting caught on a doorway. The perk system for both transformations were Mehh and compared to the damage of my main gear was like hitting stuff with wet farts, I almost never used these. To grind out the perks i would just save first butcher all the holds as a vamp/wolf and reload.

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TL:DR; I had fun for a day or two, the samey quests, bland reputation system, lack of meaningful quest rewards, dwemer ruins that go on for WAYYYYYYY to long, falmer around every corner, non-unique interiors, and formulaic quests all contributed to my souring opinion of Skyrim.


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