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A month of VR

Today marks one month since I bought my PSVR and, without a doubt, I can say that this has been my best gaming decision. The experience has been incredible, and I continue to be amazed at the level of immersion. Apparently I’m lucky since no game so far has made me sick. I've gone back to flat gaming because my friends don't have a headset, but other than that, I'm just sticking to VR. So far I've played these games and these are my opinions:

PlayStation VR Worlds.

Luge. Was a good experience until I “crashed”. Then the immersion disappeared. I would’ve liked if there was more of a consequence tan slowing down and having the car turn red.

Dangerball. I love it. I’ve Heard people refer to it as “VR Pong” but, is that a bad thing? I really enjoy tournament mode cause of the different challengers.

Into the Deep. Not much to say, the trip where you just look around is a cute tech demo, the one with the shark is where it’s at. I did get scared when it attacked the cage and had fun watching my wife playing it and screaming and laughing.

The London Heist. It’s a good experience but it’s way too short and limited. At least it resulted in a beautiful full game.

Scavenger’s Oddyssey. My favourite of the bunch. Jumping around and shooting felt great. And being in Outer Space is always a bonus.

Resident Evil 7. Amazing visuals, maybe a little too good for me. VR taught me one thing: I’m a total coward. I’ve barely made any progress in Resi, and I finished it no problem when it came out. Playing in VR is a whole different experience, even the Kitchen demo made me take off the headset. I wish there was a Silent Hill game in VR, just so that I couldn’t ever finish it. System seller.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality. Although it was funny at times, this game was disappointing. Extremely short and the limited movement didn’t help. At least you can interact with lots of things and there’s fun to be had there, also, I got the collector’s edition for 15 bucks, so that helped.

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Concrete Genie. The normal game was beautiful and everyone should play it. That’s why I can’t believe that the VR mode was so lackluster.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is the very first time I play Skyrim. To be honest, the game isn’t the prettiest, but the gameplay makes up for it. I usually take my time with this type of games, and since I’ve been playing so many, it’ll take even more. Maybe a few months. Swinging a sword and shield around is so cool.

Moss. This game is so pretty. Quill is one the cutest characters ever made. I love the concept of helping her, rather than being her, which is weird since the whole point of VR is being the character. Helping Quill on her quest is one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve had recently. She has a lot of personality, to the point that I felt bad for her whenever she got hurt. I’ve finished it and I’ll come back for the platinum.

Paper Beast. I just couldn’t get into it. I have no idea why, but I just put it aside.

Loading Human. Or “Throw shit around in VR” if you play it like me. I loved this game and I’ve seen that people didn’t really care for it. It’s obvious that this was a launch title, it doesn’t have the best controls, but I actually liked the story, loved the music and had fun playing around with all the stuff you can interact with. Also, I got a sealed copy for $ 1.50 so… Too bad that a sequel was never released, it ended in the best part.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. I love this game! It got me many times with its jump scares, creatures and atmosphere, and is so much fun specially in the highest difficulties. I can’t wait to show this to everyone. System seller, finished it twice so far.

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Bound. Just my kind of game. Beautiful experience with thrilling moments. I always postponed playing Bound, and I’m glad, VR is definitely the way to go. The art style is so nice. Sometimes I just stood there looking around or dancing. Being more of an experience than a game, I’m not sure if I’ll replay it.

WipEout Omega Collection. My first time revisiting the series since the PS1. This game feels like a rollercoaster! So far I’ve only finished the first game.

Rez Infinite. Another game I couldn’t really get into. I only played the first level and got bored.

The Playroom VR. It has a lot going on for a free game, I’ve played all the multiplayer games with my wife, who usually hates videogames, but apparently VR’s powers are unlimited.

Everybody’s Golf VR. I’ve always loved the series, not much to say here.

Superhot VR. As soon as I played the demo, I knew I had to get this. The gameplay is amazing. I love the concept, I’ve finished it once and I’m definitely coming back for the challenges.

Blood and Truth. Being the protagonist of an action movie is as incredible as it sounds, I haven’t finished it yet, but when I do, I’m definitely going or another playthrough and the platinum. System seller.

Here They Lie. I read that this is as close as it gets to a cult classic. I can definitely see it, and I’m a part of its fanbase. The game played with really cool concepts, and each chapter made me react the exact way it was supposed to. The ending… well, it could have been better.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR. This is what VR was made for. I don’t even like superheroes but after seeing some videos on it I knew I had to get it. It’s so much fun, flying around, shooting, dodging, punching, everything feels incredible. I’m still playing through, and I’m loving it, this is another game I’ll definitely get the platinum for.

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Apex Construct. I haven’t played much, actually I just got to the base. That’s not cause I didn’t like it, but because I bought it along with Iron Man and Blood and Truth. I’ll definitely come back. I did enjoy what I saw and using a bow in VR is enough to make me want to play more.

Spider-Man: Far from Home VR Experience. This is the only “experience” I think is worth mentioning, I’ve played others but wow. I can’t believe this is just an ad for the movie. Swinging around is amazing!

Astrobot's Rescue Mission. This is my favourite VR game, and will probably remain that way unless there's something really incredible out there. This game is unique. There are many games I love, but this one makes me happy. When I play it I feel like a child, I spend hours just smiling and enjoying the breath-taking environments! System seller, no doubt.

Edited, somehow I forgot to add the best VR game.


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