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A racing game that is like Golf

It is easy being patient concerning a game, when you never heard about the game. I want to tell you about one of the greatest games you never heard of: Trackmania.

There are several iterations of Trackmania. The Game has a very long history, dating back to the year 2000 and the sailing simulator 'Virtual Skipper'. Apparently the arcade racing game – the original Trackmania released 2003 initially shared some code with the Sailing Simulator.

What the French developer Nadeo lacks in ruthless marketing skills they make up in heart, afaik the matchmaking servers for all the free Versions of the game are still up and running.

This game is purely skill based – in the time of micro-transactions and in the worst case 'pay-to-win' i find that quite refreshing, it also can be frustrating at times, because of my personal lack of said skill. Trackmania has a very friendly and tight-knit community.

The good atmosphere in this game probably has several reasons, one of them might be that you are racing ghosts – so there is no collision-check and while that might sound boring for some, it is a big part of this racing series and has quite a few advantages: Not only will you get less frustrated because nobody else can bump you of the track, you also can play with a player from the other side of the globe without worrying about a huge ping time.

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My personal comparison: Trackmania is to other racing games like Golf is to other classic ball games. In classic racing and classic ball games you can only be as good as your opponent allows you to be. If you have a bad day in Golf or Trackmania its all on you.

For those who read Golf and immediately thought 'boring' talk to a Golfer on a driving range when he hits a ball with the sweet spot of his club – pure bliss – another similarity between Golf and Trackmania. The opposite is also true: Hard to say which can be more frustrating – and more addictive. Golf and Trackmania, unlikely siblings.

I am a fan of Trackmania since January, 27th 2006 and because last summer there was a reboot of Trackmania (released July, 1st 2020) I thought it might be a good idea to make this game known to this subreddit:

One Trackmania community member, nick-named 'Wirtual' has gotten a lot of views on YouTube lately – one of his videos got more than 4 million views in the last six weeks and while i read through hundreds and hundreds of comments on this video it became very clear how many people never heard of this game.

One little caveat: When watching Wirtual (or Riolu, Spam, Scrapie, Erizel, Granady, Mudda, Pac, Micka(on ice), CarlJr, Gwen*, Bren, the last three mostly streaming in French) or another top-player you might encounter on Twitch don't be fooled they make look this game insanely easy, it might be quite a bit harder than the Pros make it look.

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And if you think, why didn't he mention any female pro-players, well, because not enough people know about the game and right now there are no professional female Trackmania players on the highest level, at least as far as i know (there are cool streamers though: Francophone Swiss 'Bagherajones', Swedish Trackmania Streamers 'Esszz' and 'Ninadore' and since it is a French game for sure French female streamers – but no professional female players on the highest level – yet!)

As a long time reader of 'patient gamers', i wanted to tell this subreddit about the game because i myself am so passionate about this game for more than fifteen years. I love this game despite being so bad at it. It might be easier to understand the charm of this game by looking at Wirtual's latest video about


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