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A topic I don’t see discussed much on this sub; don’t feel guilty for enjoying video games.

I struggle with this though most days so I really do understand it. It’s kind of drilled into you growing up video games (and sitting in front of the tv, etc) is just a distraction and waste of time. I’ve seen people who really enjoy these things turn away from them entirely because they either think they are unable to balance it with their current responsibilities (which is fair and I understand), or feel some kind of guilt about it and only allow themselves certain places and times out of that guilt to play games.

If you are enjoying something, it’s not a waste of time. It goes along with the sink cost fallacy we tend to fall in with backlogs; while I think sometimes it’s worth a bit of investment into a game to get the most out of it, if you’re just forcing it a lot and not having fun, best to just cut your losses and go.

But it goes both ways. If you don’t allow yourself to engage in hobbies that you enjoy without guilt, you’re going to be resentful ultimately and find life to just be routine and a chore. Don’t misunderstand me in that people don’t love their responsibilities as they are to help their loved ones etc. All I’m saying is we all need some down time and it’s fine to play some games if you want to. I mean much more healthy than just leading yourself to burnout.

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Anyway just wanted to mention this to my fellow patient gamers who tend to have more responsibilities sometimes (even if not) or less time to game and feel guilty about it. Don’t. Games aren’t just made for kids, that rhetoric has come and gone a while ago I think. Obviously many people put their heart and passion as developers in their games. We know that.

Just to mention I’ve heard playing games can also be a safe alternative to kids going out to the street because they’re bored and want to escape home. Or dealing with really hard stuff emotionally. Even before this pandemic.

I understand parents these days wanting to limit screen time and stuff but maybe we can stop teaching younger people their interests are just a waste of time.

Game on my dudes


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