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A wholesome story from selling my PS5. GET THE TISSUES

Content of the article: "A wholesome story from selling my PS5. GET THE TISSUES"

Okay, so. Last night I get a text from a random phone number wanting to buy my PS5 (I listed it at cost – $536 USD). He asks if it’s for sale, I say it is, and he is elated and said his parents are taking him to the ATM and that he wants to come pick it up. I told him it was too late (it was around 10:30) and that I had to put my kids to bed, but that we could tomorrow. He replied saying it was for his birthday, his name is Sammy, and was elated and said tomorrow works fine. I text him in the morning: “happy B-day, Sammy!” – and he is so excited that I still have it and that he can get it. He gives me his moms phone number and says to text her and she will pick it up. We arrange a time for the pickup and she says: “I have a story for you” – which I thought was odd, because… Online transactions usually don’t have good stories tied to them… anywho, I wasn’t home when she came to pick it up, so My wife helped her. She told Her the story… She said: “Last night, Sammy text your husband and was so excited that he could have his PlayStation. He had been looking for hours trying to find one and just couldn’t find one anywhere. He was getting frustrated and sad. You see, his mom (my daughter) passed away a year ago this time of year from a drug overdose, and it’s been a really hard year for him. I saw how sad he was and suggested, ‘maybe we should pray to your mom, maybe she can help?’ – he thought it was a great idea and so we did just that, prayed that his mom could help him find a PlayStation 5. Right when we eneded, he looked up and saw your husbands listing. He text him immediately. When he asked for your husbands name, and your husband said that it was Alex, he started to sob. His mom’s name was Alex. He feels like this is her giving him exactly what he wanted for his golden 13th birthday (13th birthday on the 13th). He said he woke up to a happy birthday text from your husband (alex) and it made him feel like it was from his mom. He hasn’t been this happy in an entire year. Thank you so much.” So I of course start to cry when my wife tells me. I then text her and called her desperately trying to reach her so I could get him a game as a gift for his birthday. She finally text me back, this is what she said. (along with a picture): “He doesn’t have any games. But you don’t need to do that. Just seeing him excited and happy again is priceless. He was emotional when You told him your name (so was I), It helps him to feel connected to her and he asks her for signs all the time and she always delivers.” So, I went and got him Spiderman: Miles Morales and some Astro A50’s. He was so kind and gracious when I dropped off the wrapped gifts at his house for his birthday. His grandma was the sweetest person in the world, and I am so glad that amongst a tough year, a 13-year old boy could feel connected to his mom and hopefully have a birthday he will never forget.

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